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Our Advantage

1. 25-year faith and credit.
ShanghaiFocus is the online company of Golden Bridge Int'l Travel Service, Jiangsu, China(GBTJS). GBTJS is located in Nanjing – the famous Capital City of Six Dynasties, and also has a office in Shanghai – the biggest city in China. We can arrange tours around China while specializing in Shanghai tours and East China tour packages.
GBTJS was founded in 1987, one of the international travel agents which firstly registered in China Bussiness Administration, with the authorization of China Tourism Bureau.
As a member of CATS and ASTA, GBTJS has got wide recognition for its credit and achievements. Also it is the Director Unit of Nanjing Tourism Association because of its outstanding local arrangement. Its annual travellers is mounted to about 100,000. They come from many countries.
With more than 25 years professional operation, GBTJS have learned abundant operating experience. We have a group of professional tour advisors, and also our own vechicle team. We have built stable and long-term cooperative relationship with many tourist service offers, such as hotels, restaurants and other travelling agents. Your China tour will go smoothly through our arrangement.
With the rich resources ,cooperation of our partners and the direct communication with you, we can offer you a competitive rate. It will be much lower than that you get from the agent in your region.

2. Free reply in 24 hours
If you have any doubt in choosing our tourism products, please contact our travel consultant. You can communicate with the consultant by phone call, MSN, or e-mails. We promise that you will receive our reply in 24 working hours.
For Customized tour, you only needs to fill the enquiry form to tell your trip advisor what kind of tour you want. Your SHF trip advisor will tailor-made you a tour together with the details and price. You may contact with him/her to do some adjustment if necessary. You don’t need to pay for the pre-tour consultation and adjustment. That is totally free.

3. Detail of tour with high quality
As we have built stable, trustworthy and long-term relationship with our suppliers, on one side we can provide a comperatively low price for our clients, on the other side we can handle with emergent situations during your tour in China and potential complaints after some tours(of course we try our best to give you a complaint-proof tour).

Distinguished English-speaking Tour Guides:
We have a group of professional tour guides. They not only have a good command of English language, but also a profound knowledge of China. All the guides employed by ShanghaiFocus are all have the licence issued by the government. It is not easy to pass the Qualification Examination For Tour Guide. They must have wide knowledge together with passion for this carrer. To our tour guides, guiding is not only a job, it is also a good opportunity to introduce their motherland to people all over the world. So you may find that they are professional, responsible, gracious and patient.

Qualified Drivers:
The vehicle used during your China tour are all comfortable, air-conditioned and well-maintained. Besides that, our drivers are also outstanding. They have a good knowledge of local transportation so that you won't waste time trying to figure out the direction while in a completely unfamiliar place. Besides, our drivers are well-trained to keep polite. They won't be rude to any guests of ShanghaiFocus. Don't worry about the transfer safety. Our drivers always keep safety in their mind. Remember that they are on the same vehicle with you. They won't put your life at risk as well as their own.

Experience Chinese Cuisine:
Chinese cuisine has enjoyed high fame since long time ago. Besides breakfast, we usually arrange Chinese cuisine as your food. We choose the most typical dishes of each city you visit so that you won't miss any highlight of that place. Of course you may choose to dine western food. We can arrange that for you. But we have to note that pricesfor western style dishes are usually much higher. You should pay the difference if you prefer to enjoy western food.

Accomodation in China:
We will arrange your accomodation in China according to your requirements, from luxury hotel to buddget hostel. As we have formed good relationship with those hotels in past cooperation, so you can get lower price from us than you book directly with the hotels.

The Flexibility of Tour Arrangement:
we fully understand your wish to distribute your time. So during your China tour, we pay respect to your suggestions to alter your schedule flexibly. If you want, enough free time will be left to you so that you can do what you really want to do. If time permits, we will offer you extra China experience besides the scheduled itinerary(of course we will first ask for your agreement.)

Shopping Service:
If you like to go shopping or buy some souvenirs while travelling, we will tell you tips about the local shopping. You may tell your trip advisor what you want to know about shopping in China. Or you may browse our China Shopping Guide to find useful information.

Our trip advisors will at service before you come to China, or during your China tour, or even after your China ends. Please feel free to tell the trip advisor

4. The security of your payment.
You may feel a little upset when you make payment to an online service, especially to a company that you don't know very well. You may set your heart at rest while purchasing with ShanghaiFocus.com. “Guest first! Credit Best” is our slogan and that's also the way we always act. If we violated that, we wouldn't have sucessfully operated for over 25 years. All memebers of our service keep credit in their mind and strictly keep to it. We list our company's address and fixed telephone number on our website, we cannot leave all these behind if we have the plot to deceive you.

See more details of Payment Guide.