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Sea of Bamboo

 Bamboo seabanboo seaSouth Mountain Bamboo Ocean is the highest grade mountain development area in Liyang, Wuxi, with less artificial work; it can give a feeling of returning to true life and the nature. Making fully use of natural recourse of green mountain and excellent water here, together with longevity cultural, participatory projects, it has become an eco-system of mountain features with economic benefit, tourism, vacation, leisure in one, a rare landscape in the regional.

South Mountain Bamboo Ocean area is divided into five functional areas, namely: Static Lake Entertainment district, Leisure and Entertainment district, History and culture district, longevity cultural district and Mountain climbing district. The main attractions are: Static Lake, ancient official way, China's NO.1 Longevity Star  Million Longevity Hall, a Brother Summit of Wu and Yue and bell blessing. In order to enable tourists to get more fun in visiting, scenic areas set up three classic tourist routes: fitness journey; joy trip and leisure travel. The upper and down sections of scenic area is two kilometer, you can choose to use environmentally friendly tourist car which can make you enjoy bamboo along the road and also fast, leisure. After arriving in longevity cultural district, if you choose South Mountain Bamboo Ocean classic tour- the cable car project to the altitude of 508 m Brother Summit of Wu and Yue. With the cable care crossing the tips of the bamboo, you will enjoy feeling of small mountains on top of them; the Tour will be very relaxed and pleasant. Here you also can breath the fresh air and feel the harmonious coexist between men and nature.

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