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China Spring Festival 2014 - Year of the Horse

  01.28.2014      Flora      289 clicks    
The previous blog just named a few out of China Spring Festival traditions. A lot of celebrations are scheduled for the upcoming China Spring Festival 2014. This blog is giving information of some festive activities which are scheduled for the Spring Festival of 2014.

China Spring Festival

  01.27.2014      Flora      172 clicks    
China is bestowed with countless traditions and customs by its long long history. Among them, the most widely celebrated festival is Chun Jie, literally meaning Spring Festival in English. It has a history of over 4000 years.

ShanghaiFocus 2014 New Year Gala Dinner

  01.20.2014      Monica      244 clicks    
ShanghaiFocus New Year Gala Dinner was held in the banquet hall of Nanjing Glarun Jinling Hotel on Jan.18.

Smog Affects China's Tourism

  01.07.2014      Monica      173 clicks    
Besides the direct harm to people's health in the long term, smog has also exerted much immediate influence to many aspects of civilian life in China.

Online Buzzwords of 2013 Part II

  12.31.2013      Flora      238 clicks    
As the expansion of social media, some words are accorded with new meaning, becoming very popular in cyberspace and permeating into the daily life of the civilian.

Online Buzzwords of 2013 Part I

  12.30.2013      Flora      198 clicks    
some hottest buzzwords in the year of 2013 in China

Show Some Respect for History

  12.27.2013      Monica      263 clicks    
Dec.26, Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe paid visit to Yasukuni Shrine honoring the Japanese leaders convicted as war criminals during the World War II.

Christmas in China 2013

  12.25.2013      Flora      176 clicks    
According to latest statistics, there are about 70 million Christians in China, just a small proportion considering its large population. But as in most nations in the world, here in China are there many activities for it.

Luzhi Ancient Tour in China

  12.24.2013      Anna Lee      249 clicks    
As one of six famous ancient tours in China, Luzhi has its own water town style. With the one square kilometer, Luzhi is on the list of top 10 ancient towns of China

Festival Travel Guide in Shanghai

  12.20.2013      Anna Lee      188 clicks    
Festival travel guide for visitors who come to China during the Spring Festival Holiday of China. There are some ways for you to experience the tradtional Chinese New Year.