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National Tourism Administration organization carry out the tour promotional activities in India

  10.21.2013      Lily S      159 clicks    
the National Tourism Administration organization of domestic tourism industry went to India to carry out the tour promotional activities whose theme is "Beautiful China Tour", which highlights Chinese culture and urban modern boutique style.

Travel Alone for 2013 China Tour Group

  10.17.2013      Anna Lee      145 clicks    
The grand mountains, long rivers and the delicious snacks will make your know about the longstanding history of China.

Subway from Kunshan to Shanghai Starts Trial Operation

  10.16.2013      Lily S      135 clicks    
The first subway running from Shanghai to Kunshan City which is one of small city of Suzhou started its trial operation this morning, the 16th October.

Something about Xitang Ancient Water Town

  10.15.2013      Lily S      220 clicks    
Xitang old town is just 80 kilometers always from Shanghai. You can take a train or bus from Shanghao to Jiashan from where you can transfer to another bus for a 20-minute ride to Xitang.

Beijing 72 Hours Free Visa Tour

  10.11.2013      Anna Lee      150 clicks    
Travelers who travel to China should hold their passports issued by any of the 45 countries eligible for three days free-visa tour. This free-visa policy can help you get a free-visa tour in Beijing for three days.

Grand Landscape of China

  10.10.2013      Anna Lee      132 clicks    
With the large square and longstanding history of China, there are many grand and splendid landscape for visitors to explore.

Rent A Car to Travel in Shanghai

  10.09.2013      Anna Lee      166 clicks    
In fact, it is not hard to find such car rent service in Shanghai. There are many companies supplying such kind of service.

After The National Day in China

  10.08.2013      Lily S      139 clicks    
After the happy Chinese National Day, Chinese people have to go back to work today. Usually, the seven-day-long-holiday is a peak season for tourism.

Travel Plan for the Coming National Day

  09.23.2013      Anna Lee      140 clicks    
Someone will choose some ideal travel route to have a perfect tour with friends. Some good cities like Tibet, Hainan, Qingdao, Suzhou and so on are good for the coming National Day.

Two Days Wuxi Tour from Shanghai

  09.18.2013      Anna Lee      156 clicks    
Whether you are in Shanghai, Nanjing or Hangzhou, the transportation is convenient. It take almost one hour from Nanjing to Wuxi.