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Jiumenkou Great Wall in China

  08.21.2013      Lily S      157 clicks    
The Jiumenkou section of your walls inside Liaoning province inside Northeast China is actually well known.

Beijing Tour Policy

  08.20.2013      Anna S      164 clicks    
The score was the lowest since the academy started the quarterly survey in 2009. To combat the downward trend, the Beijing Commission of Tourism Development held a conference in July to discuss possible remedies.

Fruits of Tibet in Summer Season

  08.16.2013      Anna Wang      141 clicks    
Summer is the paradise for people who love fruits in Tibet, such as grape, watermelon and Hami melon.

Cool Places to Escape from The Summer

  08.09.2013      Anna Lee      139 clicks    
Summer heat is going to peak in China, the daily highest centigrade degree approaches to 40. Everyone in China wants to find some cool place to escape from the heat. Maybe a cool ice cellar is excellent.

Red Alert for the High Temperature in China

  08.09.2013      Hot      153 clicks    
The high temperature continues in Shanghai and other S China cities. Now i will lead you to have a look at such hot cities.

Autumn Begins in China on August 7th Day

  08.07.2013      Anna S      165 clicks    
Autumn travel plan in China for visitors.

Summer Tours in China

  08.05.2013      Serena W      169 clicks    
The weather in China continues to be hot. You can find another feeling to travel in China. In fact, many visitors who complain about the weather of China begin to love this country lastly.

Why Should We Travel?

  08.01.2013      Lily S      151 clicks    
This place can help your forget something upset your mind. The ideal travel destination is where you can release your pressure in the big city, do some crazy shopping or taste different delicious desserts.

Hot Weather in China

  07.30.2013      Lily S      180 clicks    
According to the report, the hot weather in Shanghai can fire the fresh pork. Where are the best places for traveler who want to travel in China during the summer holiday.

11 Days China Group Tour

  07.29.2013      Anna W      159 clicks    
This kind of tour starts from Beijing, via Xian, Chongqing, Yichang and lastly arrives at Shanghai. This tour highlights in the Chinese cities with tradition and modernism.