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Beijing, Xian and Shanghai 8 Days Tour

  07.25.2013      Lucy W      137 clicks    
This travel route contains three main big cities in China, such as the Beijing, Shanghai and Xian. All of the three cities are

China Travel Guide for Graduation Trip

  07.23.2013      Graduation Trip      141 clicks    
The best travel guide for your graduation trip plan.

Take A Walking Tour in Nanjing Road of Shanghai

  07.18.2013      Lisa S      164 clicks    
This time, we will focus on the famous and prosperous commercial street of China, Nanjing Road.

A Journey to China to Release From Life

  07.16.2013      Anna S      143 clicks    
A journey is not only to release yourself but also an excellent way to get away from the real world or some unhappy mood.

Shanghai Xintiandi Tour

  07.12.2013      Anna Lee      202 clicks    
isitors who come to China between July and September should make some preparations to prevent from sunstroke. In the last post, I have wrote some ideas to find some cool places to stay in Shanghai, China.

The Cool Water Play Projects in Summer of Shanghai

  07.10.2013      Lily L      259 clicks    
Travel to China among the summer holiday will be a coin with two sides. You can experience the hot summer season of China and also you can play some water projects.

The Lotus Festival in Summer of Shanghai

  07.03.2013      Lotus Tour      199 clicks    
The water lily exhibition starts from late June to early September, which almost includes the whole summer vocation. The blooming season of the lotus is just in summer. So a Shanghai tour for lotus will be good in summer.

Tianzifang tour in Shanghai

  06.28.2013      Lily S      267 clicks    
Tianzifang Style is renowned for the special feeling of arts collection. This street are full of arts and special styles. It located in the Number 220 of Taikang Road, which has become a hot place and attracted number of artists here.

Something about Qibao Water Town in Shanghai

  06.26.2013      Lily S      258 clicks    
This is an impressive experience to travel in Qibao water town.

China Daily Travel Report

  06.24.2013      Lily S      180 clicks    
The goal of people’s dream to travel around the world is just to experience more things and challenge themselves to find more.