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Space Lotus Sightseeing in Shanghai

  06.19.2013      Space Lotus      137 clicks    
Shanghai's biggest display regarding "space lotus" blooms ever sold starts that month.

One Day Tour in Yuyuan Garden

  06.17.2013      Lily S      136 clicks    
For many people, the Yuyuan Garden is more than a garden with waters, trees and rocks.

Must See Attractions in Shanghai

  06.09.2013      Shanghai Tour      143 clicks    
Shanghai always gives people a sense of fashion, sophisticated style which seems extravagant to this bustling city.

One of The Cheapest Bargain China Group Tours

  06.03.2013      Group Tour      166 clicks    
This bargain China tour focused on Beijing, Xian and Shanghai, which will take you 8 days to spend in China.

Something about the Chinese Teen Vandal in Egypt

  05.28.2013      Travel Vandal      196 clicks    
This vandal was found at May 25th and it was firstly posted by a Chinese travel guide in his micro blog. He said that it was his most unhappy time and felt ashamed to show his face.

Huge Rubber Duck

  05.21.2013      Rubber Duck      229 clicks    
The Huge Rubber Duck Arrived in Harbor Victoria in Honghong and attract almost all Chinese people, even some super stars in Honghong.

Good Budget News for Traveling to China

  05.13.2013      China Budget Tours      159 clicks    
ShanghaiFocus always provides some BIG Budget NEWS for customers who focus on this China travel agent. Now I will share some astonishing information about some cheap but worthwhile tours in China with you.

The New Visa Policy of China

  05.09.2013      Visa Policy      189 clicks    
According to the new policy for tours, Shanghai is trying to consolidate its status as a global hot spot by allowing visitors arriving by passenger liners to spend three days in the city without a visa.

The Walking Tours In Nanjing

  05.08.2013      Tours in Nanjing      241 clicks    
City tours that share stories about the spiritual world give tourists a new perspective on Chinese culture.

Flying Stone of Huangshan Mountain

  05.06.2013      Flying Stone      306 clicks    
Flying Stone is a giant stone on one of the peaks of Huangshan Mountain. It is strange and grotesque.