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Huangshan Expressway

  09.27.2011      Henny      476 clicks      Huangshan Travel
Huangshan is the best of the best mountains in China in terms of landscape, famous for its peaks, pine trees, sea of the clouds and snow in winter. The expressway brought lots of convenients to those people who want a Huangshan tour...

Enjoy Tang Dynasty Show in Xian

  09.26.2011      Phobe      514 clicks      Xian Travel
The Tang Dynasty Dinner Show, a performance of Changan music and dance originated in China's Tang Dynasty over a thousand years ago. It has been recreated in accordance with various historical records as well as ancient art and relics discovered in Xian, the capital of the empire during the Tang Dynasty...

Beautiful Karst Mountains and Caves in Guilin

  09.26.2011      Guess      789 clicks      Guilin Travel
Guilin tour is famed as the most scenic place under Heaven for its dramatically shaped Karst hills, fantastic caves, and limpid water. Visitors from all over the world are impressed and inspired by its beautiful landscape, and wonder how Mother Nature has created such a wonderful land. In geographic terms, Karst Topography is a landscape shaped by the dissolution of a layer or layers of soluble bedrock, usually carbonate rock such as limestone or dolomite (source: wikepedia )...

Dazu Rock Carvings Along the Yangtze River

  09.26.2011      Homme      700 clicks      Yangtze River Cruise Travel
Yangtze River Cruise is a hot tour in China tourism, the incredible scenery of Three Gorges and the cities Yangtze River passing through attracted numerous tourists all around the world. Select a suitable and comfortable cruise ship for Yangtze River Cruise is very important, Victoria Jenna is among the most popular and luxury cruises. Victoria Jenna is a 5 star luxury cruise equipped with comprehensive and first class facilities and service...

Charming Blue Wave Pavilion

  09.26.2011      Monica      421 clicks      Suzhou Travel
Blue Wave Pavilion Garden: The oldest Garden in Suzhou is Blue Wave Pavilion. It can be traced back to the Northern Song Dynasty (906-1127). The earliest known owner was a man named Canglang Wong. He was an official who was demoted and sent to Suzhou. He bought the garden and built the Blue Wave Pavilion after which the garden was named. Canglang Pavilion emphasizes the harmony between buildings and the natural environment...

Spectacular Mountainous Landscape along the Yangtze River

  09.26.2011      Jhon      1521 clicks      Yangtze River Cruise Travel
The Three Gorges is a splendid scenic spot of unparalleled natural wonder, but this area has more than just natural beauty, it has amazing and ancient folk traditions as well. Yangtze River Cruise is a hot tour in China tourism, the incredible scenery of Three Gorges and the cities Yangtze River passing through attracted numerous tourists all around the world.

Clear Water of Li River

  09.23.2011      Mircal      960 clicks      Guilin Travel
Famed as "Guilin scenery is the best under heaven", people are stunned by its unsurpassed beauty. Li River is the soul of Guilin. Cruise on the two rivers and four lakes in Guilin, or boat on a bamboo raft in Yangshuo, and you may experience the lifestyle of a fairy.

Hangzhou Meijiawu Tea Village

  09.23.2011      Screw      544 clicks      Hangzhou Travel
Hangzhou Meijiawu Tea Village is nestled within the hinterland of West Lake District, and it can be renowned as 1 of the most crucial tea creation bases in Hangzhou, which once entertained leaders of the Soviet Union, the usa, Vietnam, Romania, Cambodia along with other countries and regions...

Yuantong Temple in Kunming

  09.23.2011      troly      327 clicks      Yangtze River Cruise Travel
The Yuantong Temple is at the foot of Luofeng Hill in the northern part of the city. It is the largest Buddhist temple in Kunming, where the Yunnan Provincial and city's Buddhism Commissions are based. he temple is now one of the most important Buddhist temples under State special protection. Differing from most other temples that were built with an ascending entrance, visitors enter the Yuantong Temple from above...

The Ancient City of Lijiang Along the Yangtze River

  09.23.2011      Ganat      2133 clicks      Yangtze River Cruise Travel
The ancient city of Lijiang refers to Dayan Town, a largely Naxi settlement first built during the Southern Song Dynasty about eight centuries ago, known as the Oriental Venice in northwest Yunnan Province. In 1997, the UNESCO put Lijiang on a list of the world major cultural heritage. With a square and streets at the core, the entire city of Lijiang spreads out in all direction without city walls, and is crisscrossed by labyrinth of flagged streets and alleyways...