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Top 3 Attractive Places in Beijing

  12.13.2013      Anna Lee      126 clicks      Beijing Travel
While some of the stories are groundless and have no actual proof, the sheer bone-chilling factor attached is enough to make the place attractive in a mysterious sense.

Indulged In the 72 Hours Tour in Beijing

  11.20.2013      Anna Lee      153 clicks      Beijing Travel
Now this time we will focus on the Nanluoguxiang of Beijing. The 72 hours free-visa tour will be long for a transit but short for a real tour. You can make it perfect to add Nanluoguxiang to the travel list.

Tranquil Tour in Beijing

  11.15.2013      Anna Lee      161 clicks      Beijing Travel
Tired of the crowds in Beijing? Get on a bullet train to a place that reminds one of a quiet farming town and a romantic Italian riverside county.

Travel to Beijing in Fall Season

  10.31.2013      Anna Lee      193 clicks      Beijing Travel
here is a famous Chinese writer Lao She who said, in autumn you have to live in Peiping,Autumn in Peiping and nothing make you unsatisfied. Actually Autumn is the best time to have a visit in Beijing since the temperature is not too high or too cold.

Beijing 72 Hours Free Visa Tour

  10.11.2013      Anna Lee      138 clicks      Beijing Travel
Travelers who travel to China should hold their passports issued by any of the 45 countries eligible for three days free-visa tour. This free-visa policy can help you get a free-visa tour in Beijing for three days.

Booming Chinese Tourism

  08.22.2013      Lily S      142 clicks      Beijing Travel
As the development of the Chinese travel industry, the growing numbers of some Chinese visitors continues.

Beijing Tour Policy

  08.20.2013      Anna S      153 clicks      Beijing Travel
The score was the lowest since the academy started the quarterly survey in 2009. To combat the downward trend, the Beijing Commission of Tourism Development held a conference in July to discuss possible remedies.

A Series of Photos Taken in The Beijing Snow

  03.20.2013      Beijing is Snowing      268 clicks      Beijing Travel
Last night, March 19th 2013, Beijing is in sleet weather. In the morning, the whole imperial Beijing city is covered with snow.

A Surprising Snow in Beijing March

  03.20.2013      Beijing Snows Again      344 clicks      Beijing Travel
After a night's sleet in Beijing, this capital city of China covers with the white snow again, in the spring March. It is surprising, yeah?

How to Make Peking Duck at Home

  02.21.2013      Lily Lee      715 clicks      Beijing Travel
Chinese food is really a kind of knowledge for foreigners. Different with the European western-style food, Chinese food is various, great and profound, which is just like the longstanding Chinese culture and history.
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