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11-Day Beijing Xian Huangshan and Shanghai Tour

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 DAY 01: 

The Beijing tour guide welcomed us and took us to check in hotel for three nights. We designed our own itinerary to explore this city by getting tips or adviced from the guide.


DAY 02: 

Today we visited three World No.1 attractions: the world largest city square--Tiananmen Square;the No.1 permanent residence of the emperors among the world's Top 5 as well as the world's largest, most complete wooden structure of the ancient buildings--the Forbidden City; the world largest architectural complex for worshipping Heaven-- the Temple of Heaven.


DAY 03:

An old Chinese saying goes, he who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man. And we conquerred it today. Our first destination WAs the Great Wall at Badaling, which the best representative section of the Great Wall .Since Ming Tombs became a famous attraction in Beijing for its large scale construction and the biggest number of emperors buried in the world, so we were lead to this spot today. On the way back to downtown, drove by the Bird's Nest (Olympic National Stadium). We saw its appearance at a distance.


DAY 04: 

Today, we visited an important attraction to --Summer Palace.which is well known for its large and priceless collection of cultural artifacts and counted as the biggest Royal Garden in China. After that, we had an interesting Hutong Tours. Hutong is an important part of Beijing Culture, for it's not only a place where old Beijing residents live, but it also witness the vicissitude of the city.Taste Chinese Dumplings (Jiaozi) for lunch. This afternoon,we took free activity till the pick-up time. Transferred to Beijing Railway station to take our train to Xian. Stay overnight on the train. 


DAY 05: 

Met the local guide at Xian Railway Station upon arrival and begin our Xian tour. Our first destination was the No.1 tourist attraction in Xian, also regarded as the the world eighth wonder, Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum. To avoid having the poor food at the site, we were taken highway back to downtown to have lunch at a well-known restaurant. In the afternoon, we were  lead to to a holy place for Buddhists, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, which is rated as National Key Cultural Relic Preserve.


DAY 06: 

In the morning, the guide accompanied us to visit the Provincial History Museum, which recreates Tang-dynasty architecture and successfully symbolizes the great extent of Shaanxi history and culture. After haveing lunch at a famous local restaurant,As you may know, China has the world largest ancient military defensive systems-City Walls. And Xian City wall is a must see because it is the most complete city wall to survive in China since Ming Dynasty. Then proceeded to the Grand Mosque, which is one of the oldest, largest and best-preserved Islamic mosques in China and the only mosque in the nation that is open to visitors


DAY 07

Today we were escorted to visit City God Temple,an important Taoism temple founded in Ming yongle (Ming 1424) with almost 600 years of history.Then proceeded to Shanghai Old Street, an old business street owes its special social attractions and rich commercial background to the fact that the earliest bank, gold shop, jeweler's store, wine shop and tea house of Shanghai were all to be found here. After that we viewed the New Shanghai by visiting Xin Tian Di Entertainment Complex,a fashionable pedestrian street composed of Shikumen and modern architecture style and getting to the 94th floor of World Financial Center,which ranked the top in the heights of roof and usable floor by the time when it was built.On the 94th floor we enjoyed a birdview of whole Shanghai and Huangpu River if the weather permits. After that, had some free time on the 'No. 1 commercial street in China'--Nanjing Road and the symbol of Shanghai--The Bund. 


DAY 08

Boarded our flight from Shanghai to Tunxi, and arrived in the Huangshan City at about 15:30 in the afternoon. Then transferred to the hotel and checked in. A welcome dinner was served. And after that, the local guide took us to the Tunxi Old Street.


DAY 09

The Huangshan tour guide waited for us at the lobby of hotel before agreed time. Transfer to the foot of Mountain Huangshan. As we began to took the cable car to climb the mountain, we found ourselves among the magnificent scenery. Enjoyed the view of the Beginning-to-Believe Peak, the Peach Blossom Valley, the Lion Peak, the Flying-over Rock the Bright Summit, and etc.. Today we visited Scenic Area of Beihai. Overnight staying in hotel on top of the mountain.


DAY 10

Continued our hiking tour on the Mountain. And we visited some famous sites on the Mt., such as West Sea Grand Canyon and so on. Took the cable car down the mountain in the late afternoon. And boarded our flight to Shanghai at 22:30. Arrive in Shanghai at 23:30. Then transferred to our Shanghai hotel, and had a good rest.


DAY 11

Free for us to continue the exploration of Shanghai on our own until the agreed pick-up time.  We had a good flight home. Look forward to seeing you again in China.