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Fengjing Specialties

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Fengjing-branded Rice Wine and three important local specialties, Ding's Pork Trotter, Zhuangyuan Cake and Dried Bean Curd, have been enjoying a century history. They are altogether praised as "Four Treasures of Fengjing".

Dried Bean Curd

The bean curd has been pressed and simmered in water with five-spice powder and other ingredients. Just slice and stir-fry or add to soups - it's firm enough to hold its shape in any type of dish.
Storage: Keeps refrigerated for about 1 week.

Ding Pork Trotter

In 1850, to expand his business, the owner of a small restaurant called Ding wenxing in this town developed a dish by cooking pig's feet with soy sauce, wine and crystal sugar, each from a particular place, along with some other ingredients. Then he stewed the dish over a medium fire. The taste was new and the more people ate it, the more they liked it. People fondly called it "Fengjing Pig's Feet at the Ding's".

Zhuangyuan Cake

Mainly made of glutinous rice, it's also called Scholar Cake.Fengjing-Branded Rice Wine: Fengjing Rice Wine was awarded a national silver medal, and it is praised as the "Chinese version of XO".

The packaged Fengjing specialties are wonderful travel presents to sent for family and friends.


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