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The Foreigner's Street in Guilin--Yangshuo West Street

  08.12.2011      Yolanda Peng      732 clicks      Guilin Travel

When you cruise down the Li river in Yangshuo, Guilin, the West Street should be a destination you can never miss. Completely covered with marble, the street resembles the letter ”s” with a length of 517 meters and a width of 8 meters. On each side of the street, cafes, bars, various restaurants, shops and hostel make the West Street in Yangshuo an extremely prosperous and busy hub.


Just a step distance from the piacturesque Li river to the prosperous West Street

Travelers can taste foods from various regions and countries and meet people from all over the world. Menus in the restaurants are written in several languages to make travelers from all feel at home. The food, accommodation and souvenirs are all sold at very reasonable prices.


At the end of the West Street, you can see the unique Karst mountains

At times, foreigners outnumber Chinese, West Street is also called 'foreigners' street'. Don't be surprised if you hear English words spoken by elderly Chinese women, for West Street is called 'the global village'. Besides the local accent of Yangshuo, English has become the language for daily use. Thus the West Street is popularly known as "Foreigner's Street".


The signboard and menu are both in Chinese and English

West Street is the oldest street in Yangshuo with a history of more than 1,400 years. It now becomes a place that mixes the eastern and western culture harmoniously. West Street in Yangshuo has developed into the most prosperous area in Yangshuo.


Don't feel surprised when those Chinese elder women, or even, peasant-looking locals, selling their goods to you in English


The signboards of all the stores and restaurants on this street have foreign names written on them, and foreigners are seen here and there.


The girl is weaving cloth in front her shop, you can buy hand-made clothes in her shop

At night, the restaurants in Foreigners' Street are crowded with diners. Decorated with tree bark, palm leaves and colorful lights, these restaurants all boast their own masterpieces. Quite a lot of tourists who want to stay in Yangshuo for some time stay here and get a job working in a restaurant as a cook.



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