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Luzhi Ancient Tour in China

  12.24.2013      Anna Lee      249 clicks    
As one of six famous ancient tours in China, Luzhi has its own water town style. With the one square kilometer, Luzhi is on the list of top 10 ancient towns of China

Luzhi Water Town Day Trip

  11.24.2011      Smile      672 clicks    
Luzhi is a city in small size but with a history of over 1400 years. Nowadays local people still well preserve those thousand years folk custom. Luzhi Water Town Day Trip can make you a day live a simple but peaceful life in this picturesque village...

Luzhi Water Town

  07.14.2011      Sicily      809 clicks    
Luzhi has a history of 2500 years, and its ancient culture, ancient bridges, ancient streets, ancient houses and ancient ginkgo tree of 1300 years are all good things for you to have a look.