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Luzhi Water Town Day Trip

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Luzhi is a city in small size but with a history of over 1400 years. Nowadays local people still well preserve those thousand years folk custom. Luzhi Water Town Day Trip can make you a day live a simple but peaceful life in this picturesque village.


Located in Kunshan city about 25 kilometers east of Suzhou, Luzhi is an old but extremely beautiful water town. Luzhi has a history of 2500 years, and its ancient culture, ancient bridges, ancient streets, ancient houses and ancient ginkgo tree of 1300 years are all good things for you to have a look.


The unique sightseeing of Luzhi is “people walking on the bridge, and the ships passing in the water”. Old stone bridges, limpid water, venerable maidenhair trees and old-style dwellings, as well as the traditional women's costumes, create an ideal 'civilized, rich, pastoral and harmonious' environment. Many travellers from all over the world enjoy the peace and tranquillity.


Another feature of the town is the distinctive traditional costume worn by the women. Both clothes and trousers are characteristically pieced together using different cotton materials in a variety of designs. In addition to wearing these interesting clothes, local women are accustomed to wearing colorful kerchiefs and embroidered shoes. Undoubtedly, these lovely local women wearing traditional Luzhi-style costumes add freshness and loveliness to the water town, like a beautiful landscape picture. If you are ladies and interested in it, you could have a try to put on and strolling in the street.


Luzhi is truly a peaceful and pristine land. Beautiful water, elegant stone bridges, and lovely women will take you into a fascinating world - one which you may enjoy so much that you forget to go home.


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Luzhi Water Town Day Trip