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Nanxun Ancient Town Tour From Shanghai

  04.01.2013      Travel in Nanxun      461 clicks    
Nanxun has more legendary history than other water towns in China, with the scenic view of rivers, classic ancient constructions, stone bridges and residences. It has almost nearly 800 years’ history.

Day Trip to Nanxun Ancient Town

  12.08.2011      Danielle      351 clicks    
Chinese ancient water town tour are highly recommended by my Chinese friends. We took a day trip from Shanghai.The SHF tour guide picked us up in the morning. Then we transferred to Nanxun Ancient Town by private vehicle...

One Day Trip Wander in Water Town Nanxun

  11.02.2011      Kevin Sun      659 clicks    
Nanxun was one of the few "affluentest towns" in china and was called "the town of wealth" in the ming and qing dynasties. Nanxun is beautiful in natural scenery, beautiful gardens scatter around everywhere in the town. The town is at the jiashan hu basin, about 120 kilometers to the west of shanghai, 65 kilometers to the south of suzhou and 125 to the north of hangzhou...

Shopping In Nanxun

  10.31.2011      Betty      543 clicks    
Nanxun’s “Lake pen” named under Huzhou (Nanxun is under the jurisdiction of Huzhou), since ancient times in the four treasures of high reputation, is the loyal love of calligraphy, but also on a good tourist souvenirs of Nanxun.

Nanxun Traditional Specialty

  10.31.2011      Dido      686 clicks    
Nanxun abounds with fresh fish,shrimps,etc.from rivers. After being skillfully cooked by the natives, the above-mentioned aquatic products appeal to the visitors by their fragrance and nice taste. Besides, Nanxun is also rich in bamboo shoots, which is very popular among the locals, and they are very particular about how to cook it. If you pay a visit to Nanxun, you are highly recommended to try some local food, among which fish and bamboo shoots are indispensible.

Nanxun-A Water Town Market

  10.31.2011      Steve      624 clicks    
Nanxun is about 100 km away from Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou respectively. It has transport facilities with Changxing-Shanghai Canal running through it from east to west. It has now become an important front town connecting north Zhejiang with Pudong Development Zone in Shanghai.

Top Reasons to Visit Nanxun

  09.20.2011      Alice      512 clicks    
Nanxun is situated in Huzhou city of Zhejiang Province. It is the famous historical and cultural town in Zhejiang Province. It faces Taihu Lake in the north and has a common boundary with Jiangsu Province in the east. It is just 51 kilometers distance from Suzhou.
It is recorded by Records of Gardens South of the Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River that Nanxun is the only town south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River with five large gardens in one town...

Elegant Gardens in Nanxun

  07.25.2011      Caroline      730 clicks    
The Former Residence of Zhang Shiming was constructed by Zhang Junheng- the grandson of millionair Zhang Songxian, in the 25th-31th year of Emperor Guangxu(1889-1906). The residence covers a total area of 4792㎡, with the construction area of 6137㎡. Combined the traditional architecture style with the western architecture style in French Renaissance, the building is skilfully linked together, reflecting the owner's communication and connection with western society on economy, culture and art in the late 19th century.

Mild Life in Nanxun

  07.14.2011      Scarlett      707 clicks    
Nanxun situated in Huzhou City, is a famous historical and cultural town in Zhejiang Province. It is one of the most well-preserved old towns in this region and is known for its cultural heritage.
The main attraction here is the old section of thetown, dominated by a canal with old stone bridges, the oppulent former Governor's mansion, and a palace of sorts built by some silk baron's family.
The canals aren't used much for transport these days, but they're popular for doing laundry, fishing, and making money giving gondola-style boat tours to visitors like us. The canal tour is a relaxing way to see the traditional China we often envision, with narrow streets and alleys, ancient stone bridges, and small shops along with homes crowded around the canal.