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Mt. Putuo 2-Day Trip Package

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As one of the four sacred mountains in Chinese Buddhism, Mt. Putuo assembles both natural beauties and Buddhism culture. It only takes 4hours travel from Shanghai. Mt.Putuo 2 Day Tour Package guide you travelling this amazing place and get relaxed from city life.

It is one of the three biggest temples on Putuoshan located at the west of 100-pace Beach. In front of the temple lies Haiyin Pool. It is the largest of its kind in Southeast ChinaPuji Temple's origin started as the 'Not-Leaving Guanyin' Temple in the Tang Dynasty(618-907). In the 3rd year (1080) of the reign of emperor Shenzong Yuanfeng of the Song Dynasty it was reconstructed, moved and granted it's now known name, Puji Temple.


This is the second largest temple in Ningbo (Puji Temple is the largest). This temple is famous for its ancient architecture, delicate wood carvings and inscribed calligraphy by ancient emperors. It is located on the left top of the Baihua hill, close to 1000-pace Beach. You can go there with the cableway or walk up the hill. Many faithful adherents contributed to expanding the modest temple through the years.


In 1699, Emperor Kangxi of the Qing-dynasty decreed that the deserted imperial palace in what is now Nanjing had to be moved to Putuoshan to enshrine Guanyin. The main hall was added and Emperor Kangxi bestowed a horizontal tablet inscribed with four characters of "Tian Hua Fa Yu",  which has been interpreted to mean that the Buddhist doctrines are like rain and flowers from heaven. Thence, the Fayu Temple got its name.

A small hill nearby Putuo Temple in Ningbo, it was where the 20-meter statue of Guan Yin stands on. The rocks on the mountain are purple in color and many people plant purple bamboo on it, hence the name. On the hill there was a small monastery named Bu Ken Qu Guan Yin Yuan (Unwilling-to-go Guanyin Monastery). Its name comes from a ancient legend.

Purple Bamboo Forest is on the topside of the Cave of Tidal Sound. Although the purple bamboo isn't as exciting as it sounds, there is a little temple worth seeing. In the earlier days it was called 'listening to the tides temple'. In the Qing dynasty during the reign of  Guanshu it was renamed to Zizhulin.

It was a few times rebuild, the last time was in 1990. The rebuilding lasted 3 years.


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