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Two Days Wuxi Tour from Shanghai

  09.18.2013      Anna Lee      156 clicks    
Whether you are in Shanghai, Nanjing or Hangzhou, the transportation is convenient. It take almost one hour from Nanjing to Wuxi.

Wuxi One Day Tour from Nanjing

  09.16.2013      Anna Lee      150 clicks    
As one of the south China city near Yangtze River, Wuxi has a kind of glory and prosper. I love the slow life pace with the gentle simplicity.

Wuxi One Day Tour

  01.04.2012      Lim      363 clicks    
Turtle-head Peninsula was the first visiting stop of our Wuxi tour. Located northwest of Taihu Lake, its shape likes a turtle stretching its head into the lake, hence the name. This is the best venue to appreciate Taihu Lake. And there are thousands of cherry trees. Every spring when cherry trees are in blossoms, numerous tourists swarm here to appreciate the spring view of Taihu Lake and these amazing cherry blossoms...

Wuxi Day Tour from Shanghai

  12.08.2011      Malin Sveij      363 clicks    
In the morning, the tour guide and the driver picked us up in our Shanghai hotel and then transfer us to Wuxi. It is around 2-hour driving from Shanghai to Wuxi...

Wuxi One Day Tour

  11.09.2011      Sun      520 clicks    
Wuxi, also named "Liangxi", is a famous city with a long history in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River.Wuxi,a sparkling pearl of the Taihu Lake , is situated in the southern part of Jiangsu Province and in the middle of the Shanghai and Nanjing city. It is 128km away from Shanghai with Suzhou in between and 183km away from Nanjing with Changzhou in between. With the Taihu lake in the south and the south and the Yangtze River in the north, it borders Zhejiang Province and has bank of 35km along the Yangtze...

Huaxi- Wealth Village in Wuxi

  10.26.2011      Huaxi- Wealth Village in Wuxi      1574 clicks    
Huaxi, China — Ask not why the citizens of this village of 2,000, a few hours by car northwest of Shanghai, have built a 74-story skyscraper next to their prim town square. Everybody in China knows the answer: it is another step in their plan to create the communist utopia envisioned by Mao.

Food Streets and Typical Restaurants in Wuxi

  10.25.2011      Tonny      1460 clicks    
Huangting Food City has experienced many years in Wuxi ,and mainly offers all kinds of Square Cakes, Dumpling, Qing Dumpling, Honey Cake, Vegetarian Noodle, Steamed Bun Stuffed with Vegetable, Rice Noodle with Thin Beef, Small Steamed Bun, Sugar Taro, Tofu Pudding, Crab Shell Cake and vegetarian food. This food city is located at Chong’an District of Wuxi. The address of it is No. 58 Gongyuan Road.

What to Eat in Wuxi

  10.25.2011      Dido      641 clicks    
In Wuxi, wontons and small steamed buns are popular with local people. The wontons are made of select pork, dried freshwater shrimp, eggs, shredded dry tofu and a thin egg wrapper. The small steamed buns are a traditional snack in Wuxi and have a history of one hundred years. They are made of fine flour and select materials, and are steamed in a small bamboo steamer. In autumn and winter, the buns are seasoned with crab flakes and called small steamed crab buns. To try these two snacks, visitors can go to Small Wang Xing Hundun Restaurant or Chaowang Hundun Restaurant.

Top 10 Famous Attractions in Wuxi

  10.24.2011      Dido      982 clicks    
There are many places of interests in Wuxi.Here are top 10 selected attractions.

Wuxi Huishan Clay Figurines

  10.09.2011      Antawn Jamison      979 clicks    
Huishan clay figurines from East China's Jiangsu Province date back to 1,000 years ago. In the slack seasons, nearly all families in Wuxi make clay figurines. When festivals approaching, many people sell clay figurines at temple and market fairs....