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Huaxi- Wealth Village in Wuxi

  10.26.2011      Huaxi- Wealth Village in Wuxi      1557 clicks      Wuxi Travel

Huaxi, China — Ask not why the citizens of this village of 2,000, a few hours by car northwest of Shanghai, have built a 74-story skyscraper next to their prim town square. Everybody in China knows the answer: it is another step in their plan to create the communist utopia envisioned by Mao.


Huaxi is prosperous seems undeniable. Here, the villagers get lavish annual stipends, live in spacious single-family homes instead of China’s usual cramped apartments, drive imported cars, and get basic medical care, education and even an annual vacation free from the government. Lately they also get free helicopter rides, courtesy of a 100 million renminbi, or $15.5 million, fleet of helicopters and small jets the village is buying to attract still more sightseers.


Two million tourists come annually to view the Huaxi marvel, no small number of them officials from other villages who yearn to know how Huaxi did it. The enormous skyscraper, topped with a gigantic gold sphere, will never win architectural awards. But it will add to Huaxi’s allure, the village fathers confidently predict — and soak up tourist money as well.Wuxi trip is really fantastic.


Wu Renbao's unremitting efforts to improve the lives of his fellow villagers during his 40-year tenure as Party chief of Huaxi Village in Jiangsu Province have shown him to be a loyal and devoted public servant.Under his leadership,Huaxi has been tagged the "Top Village in China" and its development is regarded as an economic miracle.


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