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Xitang Travel

Something about Xitang Ancient Water Town

  10.15.2013      Lily S      205 clicks      Xitang Travel
Xitang old town is just 80 kilometers always from Shanghai. You can take a train or bus from Shanghao to Jiashan from where you can transfer to another bus for a 20-minute ride to Xitang.

4 Days Package Tour of Hangzhou and Wuzhen

  12.14.2011      Yucca      255 clicks      Xitang Travel
Meet TOC Hangzhou tour guide upon arrival. Hangzhou is listed as one of the Seven Ancient Capitals of China and known as one of the most beautiful cities in China. Our helpful guide accompanied us during our four-day tour in Hangzhou. Checked in hotel for three nights' stay in Hangzhou...

Xitang Day Trip from Shanghai

  12.09.2011      Telly      437 clicks      Xitang Travel
Our Xitang day trip started from Shanghai, In the morning, the driver driven us to Xitang water town. It took around 1.5 hours to get there. Then start our exploration of this ancient town with our experienced tour guide...

Xitang One Day Trip

  11.11.2011      Roy      494 clicks      Xitang Travel
Xitang is an ancient scenic town, Zhejiang Province, China. It is level, densely distributed with rivers, and has a very quiet natural environment. With nine rivers converging at this town, dividing it into eight sections, there are many bridges linking it together.The modern city is like any other, however, in the older section of town, all the buildings face onto the canals, the true transportation system of the area. Boat tours are available for tourists.

Xitang Yummy Food

  10.28.2011      Sun      651 clicks      Xitang Travel
Special products of Xitang include: yellow rice wine, steamed pork wrapped in lotus leaves, cake of “eight treasures”, strong-smelling bean curd, Fen Lake crabs, glutinous rice dumplings, yellow cake, steamed dumplings with fresh pork, smoked green soya bean, turnip in honey, boiled fish and cicada’s skin stuffed with meat.

Things to Do in Xitang

  09.02.2011      Rachel      726 clicks      Xitang Travel
Xitang is only 90km away from Shanghai, because the convenient transport, no mater by bus or by train from Shanghai you can reach there very fast. It is a small, mysterious and typical water township in southern China with over a thousand years of history. There are nine rivers twine through the township, and over one hundred ancient bridges connect the whole township. Evening and early morning in Xintang are the most beautiful moments, they are comely, unadorned and natural so you'd better stay one night in Xitang...

Experience of Cozy and Leisure in Xitang

  08.24.2011      Long Mao      699 clicks      Xitang Travel
A Unesco World Heritage Centre advisor spoke highly of the ancient water town after a visit to Xitang , “Xitang is like the limpid and melodious music of a flute – people need to appreciate it with their heart,” he said. Xitang is, indeed, a place to experience simplicity and leisure! It’s a place where everything slows down and where you could take a step back in time. It’s a place you have to see with your eyes and heart to really appreciate it...

Enchanting Water Town—Xitang

  08.24.2011      Rose Zhang      1775 clicks      Xitang Travel
Xitang, a small mystical water town in Zhejiang Province, China, is sheer bliss with unforgettable and enchanting scenes unfolding before you. Xitang is a land of rivers, bridges, long verandas and narrow lanes set in poetic ambiance.Wandering through the town’s beautiful and peaceful landscape is like immersing myself in poet Tao Yuanming’s Peach Blossom Spring. It’s the people and the simplicity of life in a song...

Top Reasons to Travel to Xitang

  07.14.2011      Chyo Meo      778 clicks      Xitang Travel
Due to the climate, there are more than 10 water towns nearby Shanghai. Which one is worthwhile visiting most? If you are bothered by this question, maybe this article could do something helpful.