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A Great Tour with Yangtze River Cruise

  04.19.2013      Yangtze River Cruise      159 clicks    
There are great landscapes on the long river, such as the Three Gorges and Sanyou Curve. The scenery of Three Gorges is renowned for precipitous and graceful beauty in the world.

Ghost Culture in China

  03.18.2013      Ghost Culture      404 clicks    
In China’s fairytales, there are many sorts of ghosts.The famous travel site for the Chinese spirits is the ghost city in Fengdu where keep the traditional ghost culture and the vivid netherworld constructions.

The Ghost City in Fengdu

  03.15.2013      Ghost City      312 clicks    
Although the netherworld, hell and the ghost are invisible and just a kind of imagination in people’s mind, the Ghost City in Fengdu has display people the perfect netherworld according to the description.

3-Day Yangtze River Curise

  01.06.2012      peng      485 clicks    
07:00 Breakfast & Morning Coffee. 08:00 Announcement on itinerary and facilities on board. 09:00-11:30 Shore excursion to Fengdu town-"city of devils"...

11-Day Xian Shanghai and Yangtze River Tour

  01.06.2012      Lorène      327 clicks    
We came the highlight of Beijing - the Great Wall. With the escort of the local guide,we climbed the Badaling section. In the afternoon, we visited Mausoleum Chang, the largest one of the Ming Tombs.Drove back to our hotel after the day tour. Enjoyed Chinese foot massage after a day excursion...

8-day Tour Package to Kunming, Lijiang and Shangri-La

  01.06.2012      Evelthon      321 clicks    
We arrived Hunming, we visited Grand View Pavilion, Golden Horse & Jade Rooster Lanes & Nanping Pedestrian Street...

8-Day Yangtze river and Beijing Tour

  01.06.2012      Chow      298 clicks    
We took a flight to Yichang in the afternoon. Local English-speaking tour guide picked us up and escort us to embark cruise ship and depart Yichang...

Yangtze Cruise 4-Day Tour

  01.06.2012      Ferry      279 clicks    
A tour guide of our Yangtze River curise picked us up at Chongqing station. Then we were transferred to pier to board on the cruise ship. We had an overnight on board...

4-Day Yangtze River Tour

  01.05.2012      William      270 clicks    
We left for chongqing, later embark cruise ship and depart at about 22:00pm. The Yangzte River is the longest river in Asia and the third-longest in the world which stretches about 6,300 kilometers. Take this cruise was our lifetime experience...

Yangtze River 4 Days Package Tour

  01.05.2012      Kevin      269 clicks    
We began our Yangtze river tour from visiting Goose Neck Park, where we had a good view of the city and the Yangtze River. Chongqing Zoo , We had a close sightseeing of the lovely pandas and Ciqikou Old Town, Walking on this street we saw houses of old wood , old shops and pier and local street performance...