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Yangzhou One Day Trip

  11.09.2011      Jenny      561 clicks    
Yangzhou is one of China's historic cities dating back to the fifth century BC. Slender West Lake is a man-made lake where beautiful views and historic points coexist. It lies in the southwest of Yangzhou. The lake is a state-level scenic resort and gets its name because its outline is long and narrow like a slender, gentle girl.

One Day Experience of Elegant Yangzhou Garden

  11.03.2011      Rose Wong      476 clicks    
Yangzhou has been a popular destination for both domestic and international business travelers as well as sightseeing tourists for a long time.In the elegant gardens of yangzhou one-day tour, you have the chance to visit two famous gardens in Yangzhou, Ge Garden and Heyuan Garden...

One Day Tour of Yangzhou Highlights Sightseeing

  11.02.2011      Hanks      650 clicks    
Beautiful natural scenery and long history make Yangzhou a popular city for both Chinese and overseas travelers. Here we choose the most famous sites in Yangzhou and show you them in this one-day trip. The Yangzhou Highlights Sightseeing One-day Tour is best choice for first-time visitors to Yangzhou...

Tracing of Yangzhou History One-Day Tour

  11.02.2011      David      564 clicks    
Yangzhou has a history of around 2,500 years. The Grand Canal ran through the city and made this city ever the hub of transportation in south China. In ancient time, it had the fame of "the most prosperous city under the heaven". Feel its brilliant history in this one-day trip.

Recommended Shopping Centers in Yangzhou

  10.26.2011      Sunny      457 clicks    
Different from Shanghai or Suzhou which are honored as the "Shopping Paradise on earth", Yangzhou is renowned for its traditional Chinese folk specialties such as Yangzhou lacquer, paper-cut, jade article, Chinese pot gardening, stuffed animal toys etc. All those special local products stamped with Chinese styles have won great popularity among both the natives and overseas travelers. For foreign friends, the regional specialties are precious as they can reflect the local cultures and customs. ShanghaiFocus today will guide you around Yangzhou city for an exploration-of-folk-specialty-journey!

Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou

  10.26.2011      Fido      1186 clicks    
Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou is the name for a group of eight Chinese painters known in the Qing dynasty for rejecting the orthodox ideas about painting in favor of a style deemed expressive and individualist. Eight Eccentrics are very famous in painting and self-cultivation. So this term was also used because they each had strong personalities at variance with the conventions of their own time. Most of them were from impoverished or troubled backgrounds.

An Entertainment Guide in Yangzhou Nightlife

  10.25.2011      Mary      523 clicks    
Nightlife in Yangzhou is very colorful. Yangzhou snack streets, cinemas, theatres, bars and cafes are where you may go to enjoy the nightlife in Yangzhou if you are in the mood. Today, more and more locals head to bars and cafes after work to wind down after a long day. Students also head to the snack streets to spend a weekend night cause the delicious food in Yangzhou.

The Best Time To Visit Yangzhou

  10.21.2011      SUNNY      658 clicks    
Located in the subtropical humid climate zone, Yangzhou has four distinct seasons consisting of moist summers and dry winters. July is usually the hottest month with an average temperature of 28C (82.4F) and January is the coldest with a mean temperature of 1C (33.8F). The rainy season lasts from June to July. Typhoons often occur in August and September.

Han Dynasty Tomb Museum in Yangzhou

  09.21.2011      Transer      558 clicks    
In the southwest corner of Gaoyou District, outside the town of Tianshan lies the Ming Dynasty Tombs Archeological site. This is a quarry where two tombs from the mid-Western Han Dynasty were unearthed in very good condition. The tombs belong to Liu Xu, known as the Prince Li of Guangling, and his wife. Liu Xu, the son of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty (206 B.C. - 220 A.D.) ,the Emperor of the Han Dynasty. He was assigned to rule the Yangzhou region. Another name "System of the Sons of the Heaven"...

Convenient Transportation in Yangzhou

  09.19.2011      Hanks      648 clicks    
Yangzhou is a city with a long history of 2490 years located in the central area of Jiangsu Province. By virtue of its advantaged location by the down stream of the Yangtze River, at the joint point of the Shanghai economic circle and the Nanjing metropolitan circle, Yangzhou has been developed as one of the important portal of Jiangsu Province. Yangzhou was also dubbed many domestic and international awards such as "model city for environmental protection" and "Habitat Scroll of Honour Awards". It atrracted more and more visitors for convenient Yangzhou transportation...