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Top Reasons to Visit Zhujiajiao

  09.21.2011      John Wang      635 clicks      Zhujiajiao Travel

There is a 47 square-kilometer fan-shaped town lying in the north of Jiufeng Mountain and by the shore of Dianshanhu Lake. Embed between the lake and mountain, it was called Shanghai’s Venice and the pearl stream by the lakeside of Dianshan Lake. It is Zhujiajiao Ancient Town, one of the fist four major towns in China. Here listed some top reasons to visit Zhujiajiao.


1. The waterside Zhujiajiao Ancient Town south of Yangtze is a town composed of both natural landscapes and historic relics. Clean and simple paths, towering big trees, streams flowing through lanes and streets and reach Dianshan Lake… Lots of residences have experienced great changes for more than a thousand year. It helps us find our lost dreams and lead us to return to our inner self.

2. You must be astonished to see this well-preserved ancient town where you can enjoy the pleasure of returning to the nature. After visiting various kinds of manmade and similar attractions.


3. The deceased writer Sammao (a famous“vagrant” writer in China) once was deeply attracted by the “bridges, streams and residences” arrangement and was moved by the breathtaking scenery of this town. It is a simple and quiet town, but full of poems and pictures. “Bridges and flowing streams make up the natural scenery; with original flavor is the Ming and Qing street.” Zhujiajiao Ancient Town has been loved by many film directors and is called the Hollywood in the suburb of Shanghai.

. There are original Ming Qing Dynasty streets in Zhujiajiao, where market had already formed during the Song and Yuan Dynasty and it was officially set up as a town during Emperor Wanli’s reign of the Ming Dynasty.

5. Zhujiajiao opposes a long history. To find irons for making steels in 1958, the villages in this area even made the Dianshanhu Lake dry. As a result, they found large quantity of historical relics of the Neolithic Age, which were proved the relics from the Neolithic Age to the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Periods. That’s to say, people began to live here a thousand years ago.

6. For the advanced natural environment and convenient transportation
here, lots of merchants gathered here and developed the cloth industry here, making it a major town in the south of Yangtze River. The rice industry developed in Ming and Qing period, making all trades of the town thriving. And the rice industry of Jujiaojiao Town continued to be in the leading position. Then many other industries developed earlier than other parts of China. Wine shops and tea houses in the town were open day and night and many peddlers from other places even came to the market here.

7. It is crisscrossed by rivers and canals
, with 9 long streets running along the rivers and thousand of buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasty architecture flanking both sides. There are 36 ancient stone bridges. There are also prosperous long streets and zigzagging lanes. Great North Street boasts “a mile-long road with a thousand shops”.


8.The cultural resources with unique feature of the town are: a bridge-Fangsheng Bridge or Setting-free Bridge, a street-North Street, a temple-Chenghuang Temple, a hall-Xishi Hall, two gardens-Kezhi Garden and Zhuxi Garden, three bays-Sanyang Bay, Jiaozi Bay and Mituo Bay and 26 lanes. Besides, there are many personages, buildings from Ming and Qing Dynasties, ports, mooring stones and teahouses.

9. The ancient streets are paved with stone slabs
. The deep and quiet alleyways, arched stone bridges and little creaking boats all present the beauty of Zhujiajiao Ancient Town. Sitting on the boats and appreciating the antiquited bridges, rare streets and the deep and serene lanes, you may feel traveling in a pictorial world.

The traditional special native produce are rose-flavored fermented bean curd, fried gluten, dark-rice zongzi dumpling, meat wrapped in leaves, roast soybeans, wood carving knit ware, stone carving, roast soy beans, and pork meat zongzi. In autumn, people can have taste of the fresh water crabs form Dianshan Lake.


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