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Chongqing Ciqikou Old Town

Ciqikou Old Town is on Jialing Riverbank in the western part of Chongqing city. Formerly known as Long Yin, the town covers an area of 1.2 square kilometres (291.6 acres) and is 14 kilometres away from downtown Chongqing.
The town is named after the rich and transit porcelain bcause of its huge porcelain production. Ciqikou was a busy commercial dock during the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1912) Dynasties. The commodities were transported over land and water.
Most of the homes and buildings built from bamboo and timber are from the Ming and Qing Dynasties which are famous for the architectural styles. Some architectures have been renovated. Blue bricks and pillars with vermilion doors and windows highlight the simple white walls. The town's livelihood is based on the Jia Jing River that quietly flows past the front of the town.
Many shops along the streets are selling porcelain and other souvenirs. A variety of snacks stalls and restaurants can also be seen everywhere, offering tasty local delicacies. There are candied sweets, pastries, the Zhangfei Beef Shop where the owner dresses up in a strange custom, a restaurant for Indian food, and different kinds of stir-fried dishes with lots of hot chili pepper. Some dishes have so much chili pepper they look like they are mostly fried red chili pepper. There are noodles and fried donuts.
There are over a hundred tea bars in town each unique with its own characteristics providing a diverse range of entertainment shows, such as traditional Chinese music performance and the famous Sichuan show "Changing the face", etc. These are relaxing places for amusement.
Walking down the stone paving street, visitors can join in the ancient bazaars and noisy hustle and bustle to experience authentic local lifestyle of Ciqikou.
Ciqikou Old Town is now a part of the Shapingba District of Chongqing in the western part of the urban area. It is also called Small Chongqing because it is the miniature of the original Chongqing city which hasn’t been changed yet as modernized as it is today.

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