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Fengjing is famed among the Shanghai New Top 8 Attractions. This is a typical water town in south of Yangtze River. Crisscrossed rivers, ancient bridges, featured local residences, and well-preserved local customs can all be experienced in Fengjing. Different from other water towns, Fengjing’s fame mainly comes from its folk arts – Jinshan Peasant Painting. This is a painting genre originated in Fengjing.  These paintings are characteristically with creative designs and bright colors, created by local peasants. These working people express their perspectives of life in their paintings.   Moreover, Fengjing has colorful folk arts such as embroidery, braiding, paper-cutting, hearth paintings and furniture carvings, calico-dyeing.  Now Fengjing is the only township in Shanghai on list of Historic Towns of China.
Come to Fengjing and experience local customs, folk arts as well as water town scenery.
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Fengjing Town One Day Tour

  • Destination:Shanghai -> Fengjing->Shanghai
  • Duration:1 Day
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  • Attractions: Fengjing Town   
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  • Fengjing Town One Day Tour
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Useful Phone Numbers Fengjing Tourism Development Co; LTD: 021-57355555
Travel Tips Location: around 1-hour driving from Shanghai downtown area.
Local specialties: yellow wine, Ding’s pork shank, dried tofu and rice cake;