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fengjing Travel Guide

Basic Facts of Fengjing:
Fengjing Location: in the suburb of Shanghai Municipality

As the southwestern gateway of the metropolitan Shanghai city, Fengjing Township is located at a place where five districts (or counties) and ten towns (or townships) from both Shanghai Municipality and Zhejiang Province converge. The entire registered population at present is 64,000, with migrant population topping nearly 50,000; while the town territory covers an area of 91.66 square kilometers, the commercial area spans about 7.31 square kilometers.

The time-honored history of Fengjing Town can be traced back to over 1500 years ago when a country fair came into form. In the 5 th year of Xuande Reign (1430) of Ming Dynasty, the town, taking the town- river as the boundary, was further divided into a north and a south town which were then subordinate to Jiashan County of Zhejiang Province and Songjiang County of Jiangsu Province respectively. The south town and the north town finally merged in March, 1951, and the unified town was brought under the same jurisdiction of Songjiang County . In October of 1966, the town was incorporated into and placed under the jurisdiction of the neighboring Jinshan County , which on May 12, 1997, was finally transformed into an urban district.

In September of 2005, Fengjing Town was nominated as the only Chinese Famous Historical and Cultural Town within Shanghai Municipality by the Ministry of Construction of PRC and State Administration of Cultural Heritage , and was appraised as one of the National Model Towns of Public Health and one of the Advanced Townships in Building Civilized Townships in China by the Office of National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee on December 27, 2005. 

Ticket price:
a) The tour ticket of Fengjing Town is 80 RMB/ per person
b)The team ticket enjoys discount.
c)The following people enjoy ticket preference: college, middle school and primary school students, teachers, the disabled and retirees (specific preferences refer to the stipulations).
d)Scenic spots are free with guide certificate, reporter certificate, armyman certificate and some other effective certificates. Children with a height of below 110cm are free of charge.

Fengjing Town boasts convenient land transportation with Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway bringing into close vicinity various provinces and cities in South China . Apart from the Zhujing-Fengjing Highway connecting National Highway No.318, the busy Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, Expressway A7 and National Highway No.310 all run through the town.

Editor's Words----Choose week days to go to Fengjing, because the weekend or holidays are always crowded with tourists.