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Guangji Bridge

The Bridge spans over the lower reach of Fenghua River that goes through the county. It is the only pathway left in Southeast China by way of the royal road. Before the epoch of Song Dynasty, ferry was being called as "bridge", and it was the main sea transport station on the East China coast. First built in a wooden style in 961, it was named Guangji Bridge (广济桥).

The present bridge is a corridor modeled structure of wood and stone. It is 51.68 meters in length and 6.6 meters in width. Six stone pillars form the bridge pier with five intervals. Each pillar is fixed by the footstone and its head is locked by the stone lock, above which is paved with balks. The bridge board is set on the basis. On the bridge deck, there are 21 rooms alongside the corridor.

Up to the present, this bridge pier built in Yuan Dynasty has well preserved the inscriptional records and monumental steles at that time.

As a transportation spot by way of the royal road was concerned in ancient time, the bridge linked the "Silk Road on the Sea" up to the land traffic, which made the course that fostered East-West trade and cultural inter-communication extend to the hinterland of the mainland. It is the only kind of corridor modeled bridge in Yuan Dynasty in Zhejiang Province, and also only one remain on the trunk line of the royal road across the north to south on the East Zhejiang Province's coast.

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