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Guilin Cuisine featured with a unique taste is a perfect mix of the sour & spicy Hunan Cuisine and the celerated Guangdong Cuisine. However, as the tourist industry of Guilin continues its development pace, more and more famous cuisines such as Jiangsu Cuisine, Taiwan Cuisine, local cuisines in the northwest part of China, the cuisines of the minorities in Guangxi province etc. have emerged here to be a vital element of the local cuisine.

Guilin Food

What to eat in Guilin

The most well-known main course is Yangshuo Stewed Fish in Beer. The taste of the fish is really fantastic without any fishy odour. Its aroma mixed with beer and fish meat guarantees your hearty appetite. It is said that only when you taste it could you get what is called elite. Yangshuo Stewed Fish in Beer has attracted a lot of tourists troughout the world and is highly recommended.

Although the main courses in Guilin are very yummy and worth tasting, as a snack-lover, the editor here prefers to introduce the most palatable and special one.

The best snack of the city is Guilin Rice Noddles. As the old saying goes, "Guilin landscape tops those else where." The Guilin Rice Noddles is just as famous as its sceneries, being regarded as an indispensable part of the city. It has a series of flavors, striving hard to feed the pickiest stomach. You are surely to get your favorites from these special tastes.

Guilin Food

Where to eat in Guilin

As there are a lot of great restaurants in Guilin, you will be dazzled by all the choices you have here. Fortunately, all the problems and troubles have been solved when SHF designed its unique Guilin Tours. You could enjoy the best local dishes with affordable prices. We will always stand by your side to care for all your requirements.

Editor's words
----the dining experience in Guilin is really good when I went there once for traveling. I am really satisfied with the taste as well as the high-quality service I got there.