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Guilin Shopping

As a fully developed toursit city in China, Guilin is in possession of countless high-quality handicrafts, unique local accessories, specialites etc., being another glaring point of this fascinating city.

Guilin shopping

What to buy in Guilin


Plenty of Guilin specialties such as pomelo, orange, fructus momordicae, ginkgo etc. are available in the local specialty franchised stores. Besides, if you are a collector of accessories with folk features, Guilin will not disappoint you. All the Guilin embroider, kame, Traditional paper umbrella, hand-painted screen could be included in your collected treasures list.

Besides, when traveling here, you should buy what is called as "the Three Treasures of Guilin"-Guilin Sanhua Wine, Guilin Chili Sauce and Guilin sufu to be a gift for your family members, relatives and good friends.

Where to buy in Guilin

The most distinguished commercial street in Guilin is Zhengyang Walking Street, crowned as "the first street in the western part of China". Stretching from the southern edge of Shanhu North Road to the northern edge of Jiefang East Road, Zhengyang Walking street is in length of 666 meters, scattering with shops selling jewelries, Chinese calligraphy and paintings, handicrafts, fashion clothes, local specialties, and yummy delicacies etc.

Guilin Shopping Street




a)If you wanna buy some jewelries, you could get in the shops hanging with signboard of National Identified Service. If you happenedly to get some fake ones, you could claim a complaint.

b)If you want to buy some accessories at affordable prices, you could go to Mopanshan Port. Do remember to bargain!

Where to Shopping in Guilin

There are three major shopping districts in Guilin City: Zhong Shan Road and Zheng Yang Pedestrian Street (Walking Street) located in the city's center, and Wa Yao Wholesale Shopping District in south Guilin. West Street in Yangshuo County offers some unique i..Details

What to Buy in Guilin

Shopping is always an exciting part of a Guilin tour. Shopping in Guilin is a little different compared with in big Chinese cities. There are something unique in this beautiful region and worthwhile to bring home as souvenirs.Details