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Editor's words----Shopping is an important part of traveling. Hailed as a "Shopping Heaven", Hangzhou offers a superb collection of local handicrafts and other suvenirs. In the endless must-have list, the best representative are local products such as Hangzhou silk, Longjing Tea and the newly emerging Hangzhou-style fashionable ladies' clothes.

What to buy in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Silk

hangzhou shoppingHangzhou has long been crowned as "the Home of Silk". As an important center of silk production, Hangzhou's silk was sold to overseas markets through Silk Road in Han dynasty. There is a great variety of excellent silks and satins featuring soft and exquisite fabric as well as colorful designs.

Silk is one of the best materials for clothing that hardly has any match in the world. Reputed to be the queen of fabrics, it is light, lustrous, and durable.

All these features make silk an ideal material for beautiful satins and charming brocade. In ancient time, people from well-to-do families wore silk dresses, which was believed to be in line with their social status.

Where to buy: Hangzhou Silk City

Address: No.253, Xinhua Road

How to get there: By bus No.11, 28

Editor' Words----As the biggest silk wholesale and retail market in China huddled by more than 600 stores dealing with silk items, it's the best place for purchasing silk items of fine quality at reasonable price.

Longjing Tea( Dragon Well Tea)

hangzhou shoppingAs the most popular beverage in China, Longjing Tea is one of Hangzhou specialties and a traditional export. A small box of top-grade Longjing Tea would be a great gift for your friends and relatives.

Many stores all over the city sell Longjing Tea, even grocery stores and supermarket chains. However, you need to be aware of fake and low-grade varieties. If you have no experience in choosing tea, it will be wise to find a long-established store or turn to expert for tips.A cup of Longjing Tea will not only quench thirst, relieve fatigue, but also help digestion and protect you from radiation. It is said that�tea is helpful concerning fit-keeping, because it contains some aromatic substances that can reduce fat..

Where to buy: Meijiawu Village

How to get there: By tour bus No.4, 324 and K658.

Where to buy in Hangzhou

Wulin Road

hangzhouFor really cutting-edge fashion, head to this street wholly dedicated to fashionable and inexpensive local-style ladies' clothes and accessories of various brands and styles. The remarkable brands here are true icons of elegance and live up to the reputation as the queen of clean-cut and classic grace.

The ladies' clothes here are made of traditional Chinese-style fabrics such as satin and silk.Great emphasis is placed on details such as beading and embroidery to truly set them apart from�the regular ones.

Address: No.5-55 Wulin Road

How to get there: By bus K95, K516, K188,K333.

Sijiqing Clothing Market

The bustling street market is packed with bargain hunters. Hundreds of stores with a large variety of reasonably priced brand-name clothes huddled in the market make it one of the most famous clothing wholesale market in China. You will fall in love with this lively market if you are really into shopping and fashion.

Address: No.11-13 Hangzhai Road, Hangzhou.

How to get there: By bus No.59, 325,518,525,805,801, stop at Miaotang New Village

Qinghefang Street

hangzhouNo shopping experience is complete without visiting this antique market. It's a great place�for small souvenirs and local handicrafts like Hangzhou fans, silk embroideries, brocades and Zhang Xiaoquan scissors. However, purchasing expensive items is not recommended unless you are accompanied by an expert.

How to get there: By bus Y6, Y8.

Shopping Malls in Town

Yintai Plaza

Address: No.530 Yan'an Road

Hangzhou Shopping Center

Address: No.1 Wulin Square

Hangzhou Department Store

Address:No.260 Yan'an Road