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huangshan Travel Guide

Location: in southern Anhui Province
Area: 9,807.4 km2(3,786.7 sq mi)

Huangshan is a city named after the famous mountain - Mount. Huang(also known as Yellow Mountain or Mount. Yellow), which is a frequent subject of traditional Chinese painting and literature, and now it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of China's major tourist sites. Besides Mount. Huang, a number of scenic spots and cultural attractions locate in the city, attracting people from all over the world throughout the year.

What to see in Huangshan
The city of Huangshan is distinguished by long history, picturesque landscape and splendid local culture. The history of Huangshan can be traced back to 51st century B.C, and the local culture----Culture of Hui is one of the three regional cultures in China, covering various fields like philosophy, history, economy, medicine, science, arts, etc. Even till today, ancient pagodas, pavilions, bridges, ancestral halls and memorial arches can be found everywhere in Huangshan as the silent witnesses of history, recording all the ebb and flow. The city of Huangshan is like a huge natural museum, delighting you with its entrancing charm.

Huangshan Transportation
Transportation in Huangshan is convenient since it has been developing its tourism for years. Huangshan Tunxi Airport is only 5 kilometers away from the city center, and accessible airport buses and cabs can take travelers to and from the downtown area.

Huangshan Tunxi Airport
How to get there: Bus No.18 and No.19
Lizhong Garden--Waiting Hall
Time: 7:00-17:30,at an interval of 20 minutes
Taxi: Taxi service can be found at the first floor of waiting building.

Best time to visit Huangshan
Yellow Mountain is the most important spot in Huangshan, and also the most susceptible to the weather. Picking the right time can make your trip much better. Yellow Mountain takes on different charming looks in every season. In spring(March to May), everything in Yellow Mountain wakes up from the winter, and becomes fresh again. You can totally enjoy the vitality and dynamism of the nature. From June to August is the green and luxuriant summer while the golden fall comes in September.In winter, green pines clad in silver and various snow scene increase a lot of dignity and elegance for Yellow Mountain.
Time of Sunrise:
The tourist season in Yellow Mountain lasts from March to November. If you prefer less crowd, you can choose to go around October while it has not started getting cold.