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Beijing Classic 6 Days Trip

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 This Beijing Classic Tour Package is featured by two groups of buildings with different architectural styles in the capital city of China: a great number of imperial palaces, royal temples, Tombs and gardens are historical highlights of Beijing while lots of up-to-date buildings such as grand Olympic Venues and spectacular National Theater are displaying ever expanding and growing Beijing.



The firsr of this Beijing tour is the Mutianyu Great Wall which located among the orchards and pines in the mountains to the north of Beijing, the Great Wall of China was constructed and reconstructed at Mutianyu to keep out the nomadic tribes to the north. A short 60 km trip outside of Beijing, The Great Wall of China at Mutianyu stands as a monument to both the strength and the weakness of the Chinese Ming Dynasty (1368-1627). Come learn, touch, and explore the history of a Wall built over 300 years ago, yet which remains largely intact as it snakes endlessly across the mountain ridgelines


Spend a few hours exploring the Forbidden City with a guide in your language so that your kids can have an interesting explanation of this former emperors home. There are lots of interesting animal and creature sculptures throughout. 


The Temple of Heaven is another interesting place to visit on your China trip. This colorful temple is where the emperors would make sacrifices to the heavens. The kids will get a kick out of the echo wall.  And if you stand at one side and whisper then the person on the opposite side can clearly hear it though the wall is 193 meters in circumference. There is lots going on here including Tai chi, fan dancing, kite flying and more. There are vendors selling all the fun games you can enjoy here.


Hutong represents an important culture element of Beijing city just as Stone Gate is an important culture for Shanghai city.Thanks to Beijing’s long history and superior status as capital for six dynasties, almost every hutong has its anecdotes, and some are even associated with historic events.


In contrast to the court life and elite culture represented by the Forbidden City, Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven, the hutongs reflect the culture of grassroots Beijingers. The hutong are residential neighborhoods that still form the heart of Old Beijing.


Beijing Zoo is located to the west of Beijing City ( 2km west of Xizhimen Subway Station Line 2 ). It has both rare Chinese animals, such as the Giant Panda and the Golden Monkey, and also a wide selection from around the world – from Polar Bears to Kangaroos. Over 6,000 animals of over 500 species are on show. The visits by the heads of states have brought some of the animals as gifts.


it is true that Beijing Roast duck is thought to be one of the most delicious dishes all over the world. So your Beijing tour is not complete if you miss dinning on the Beijing  cuisine. This dish has been prepared since the imperial era, so it is an excellent choice if you want to understand more about Chinese cuisine, culture and customs.


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