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Guilin Travel

Yangshou Big Banyan Tree

  10.10.2011      Adam      832 clicks      Guilin Travel
The enduring, radiant beauty of Yangshou’s Big Banyan Tree has evolved throughout centuries of patient growth. Believed to have been planted during the Jun Dynasty, the gently stout tree stands approximately 7.5 kilometers south of Yangshou...

Cormorant Fishing in Yangshuo

  10.09.2011      Brendan Haywood      3479 clicks      Guilin Travel
Cormorant is a kind of large and conspicuous waterbird, the cormorant has an almost primitive appearance with its long neck making it appear almost reptilian. It is often seen standing with its wings held out to dry. Regarded by some as black, sinister and greedy, cormorants are supreme fishers which can bring them into conflict with anglers and they have been persecuted in the past...

Beautiful Karst Mountains and Caves in Guilin

  09.26.2011      Guess      786 clicks      Guilin Travel
Guilin tour is famed as the most scenic place under Heaven for its dramatically shaped Karst hills, fantastic caves, and limpid water. Visitors from all over the world are impressed and inspired by its beautiful landscape, and wonder how Mother Nature has created such a wonderful land. In geographic terms, Karst Topography is a landscape shaped by the dissolution of a layer or layers of soluble bedrock, usually carbonate rock such as limestone or dolomite (source: wikepedia )...

Clear Water of Li River

  09.23.2011      Mircal      957 clicks      Guilin Travel
Famed as "Guilin scenery is the best under heaven", people are stunned by its unsurpassed beauty. Li River is the soul of Guilin. Cruise on the two rivers and four lakes in Guilin, or boat on a bamboo raft in Yangshuo, and you may experience the lifestyle of a fairy.

Things to Do in Guilin

  08.30.2011      Mike      535 clicks      Guilin Travel
Someone said, the fastest way to access the Guilin culture is to become one of the citizens. How can I become one of them? Aiming to deal with this problem, some thing listed here for you to do to when you came to travel Guilin...

Amazing Place for Wedding Photography in Guilin

  08.29.2011      Yucca Wu      846 clicks      Guilin Travel
Tourists have always amazed with the view and scenery duiring their Guilin tour in China. What’s more It was totally amazing place for a pre-wedding photography in Guilin China . Pre-Wedding photos in Guilin to give you the most unforgetable memories beside giving you the beautiful images of yours with the most amazing backdrop in the world...

Amazing Liriver Show

  08.26.2011      Huan      608 clicks      Guilin Travel
Lijiang (Li River) is a nightly theatrical spectacle that celebrates the rich natural and cultural heritage of Guilin. By pushing the boundaries of dance form with wildly inventive acrobatics and displaying creative scenery setups and transitions, Dreamlike Lijiang show exquisitely blends the highest artistic concentration, geographic changes, historic shifts, and local legends into one unforgettable production...

Longji Minorities Dance

  08.26.2011      Rina      484 clicks      Guilin Travel
Something of ethical is always enjoyed by the whole world. The Longji Minority Show(chin.龙脊魂, Pinyin: Lóngjíhún),regarded as a grand epic of minority nationality song and dance, it reflects the Chinese minority nationality’s rich and colourful dance and music. Thausend of tourists who have been here from both home and abroad were amazed by the dream-like landscape in guilin, meanwhile, they were also immensed and delighted in the colorful and mysterious minority folk lifestyle and custom, as guilin is a compact inhabitant area of different minorities as well...

Cozy Lifestyle in Guilin

  08.26.2011      Tommy      461 clicks      Guilin Travel
“I would rather live in Guilin than in heaven". This is how Guilin locals say about their homeland. Guilin is a blessed land filled with picturesque mountains, fantastic caves, and graceful rivers, where people live in a happy and peaceful lifestyle. Guilin people are easy going, hospitable, and really enjoy their life. Visitors often quickly fell in love with it when they travel Guilin, and so envy about the locals. Here we t ake a glimpse into the daily life of Guilin people. ..

Rock Climbing and Bike Riding in Guilin

  08.25.2011      Casey Feng      776 clicks      Guilin Travel
If you are looking for an outdoor activities in addition to traditional sightseeing then Guilin in China is an excellent places? Rock climbing and bike riding both offered for opportunities for the outdoor and sports enthusiast in your trip to Guilin.Although there are many more, some of the most popular areas in Guilin for rock climbing include Guilin atrraction : Baby Frog , Moon Hill,The Egg and White Mountain ...