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Yummy Local Street Treats in Qibao

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Qibao Old Town gets popular for local food. A great variety of snacks will attract your eye and tempt your palette when you are walking the streets of Qibao town. Colourful and appetizing, few resist the temptation to try them.

Different flavoured cakes made from polished glutinous rice 'Qibaogao', dried bean curd wrapped in lotus leaves (Hebao doufugan), roasted sweet potatoes (Kaohongshu), smoked toads (Xunlanhamo), and sugar coated haws on sticks (Tanghulu), etc. can be found on every corner in Qibao Town.

Within this area of 21.3 square kilometers (8.22 sq. miles) that forms the ancient streets and a newly developed district, Qibao Town carries visitors back through the centuries by virtue of its history, culture, architecture and local people. A day spent in this unique and historic town will be very rewarding and is highly recommended.

Qibao Old Restaurant was established at the Ming dynasty during Zhengde years. It has been a prosperous business since ancient times, attracting many businessmen and men of letters came to visit. The restaurant has been passed down from one generation to another.

Presently, Qibao Old Restaurant is located at north Tang Bridge. The specialty of the restaurant is “Qibao Fish Head Soup”, which cooked from the thousand-year-old traditional recipe. Spotted silver carps about 5 years old and 3-4 kilograms weight are selected as food material, which brings the fish soup with rich nutritional value.
There are also many other recommended dishes, such as Braised Mutton in Brown Sauce, White Sliced Mutton, Stewed Pork with Wine and Eight-treasure Rice Pudding.
Address: No. 8 Bei Da Jie


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