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Ganlusi Temple

GanlusiGanlusi Temple is located in the Beigushan Hill Scenic Region and is an excellent site to visit while you are there. The so-called temple is actually a residential hall but not real Buddhist temple. 

Ganlusi Temple and Beigushan Hill are both well known by Chinese nationalities, and are described in the novel, "The Three Kingdoms", which depicted the historical period of the Three Kingdoms. During this period, Liu Bei, the King of the Shu State, allied with one of his rivals, the King of the Wu State, by marrying his sister in a small palace (Ganlusi Temple) on this hill and completed their coalition to fight with the King of the Wei State. The marriage ceremony took place in Ganlusi Temple, which was actually not a Buddhist temple but a small presidential palace at that time.

In history, many celebrities, socialites and even kings and emperors came to the hill to commemorate these historic figures and places, and they left enormous amount of historic relics, including calligraphies, poems, scriptures and architectures. 

Ganlusi Temple was initially erected in the Three Kingdoms period in 222 – 280 AD. It was moved to the Rear Peak of Beigushan from its original place. The temple was then destroyed by fire in the Yuan Dynasty and demolished again by war in the later years. The current structures were re-erected by a local authority in 1890 AD in the Qing Dynasty.

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