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Guilin Transportation

There is an abundance of transportation in Guilin and its surrounding areas, making it easy to get around. Guilin’s efficient public transportation system is composed of a reliable railway and an economic long-distance bus service.  Hiring a reasonably priced taxi is another option, although renting a bike from a bicycle-rental shop is said to be one of the best ways to get around Guilin.  You’ll find some rental shops near the bus and train stations and one next to the Overseas Hotel.  If time is not a factor, you could walk through the city and take a seat amidst the beautiful scenery.


Guilin AirportGuilin International Airport flies to China’s other main tourist destinations including Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an and Guanghzou to name a few, and it also offers many international air routes to Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Thailand and Korea. Going out of Guilin, there are an abundance of public transportation services making trips to and from other cities in Guangxi and counties around Guilin. Two reliable examples of this are the convenient and punctual railway, and the comfortable long-distance buses. For more, please visit the Transport Channel.

Guilin, a dynamic city, with its diversity transportation means, including the international and domestic airlines fly to Guilin, the comfortable and punctual long-distance coaches and the reasonably-priced trains, which offers you a wide variety of options for transportation.
Guilin Liangjiang International Airport lies in the Southwestern part of Guilin 28km from downtown. After beginning to serve travelers on October 1, 1996, it currently has a passenger handling capacity of 5 million people per year. Guilin has 48 air routes including Shanghai, Xi'an, Beijing, and Guangzhou. It offers many international air routes to Hong Kong; Macau;Bangkok, Thailand and Seoul, Korea. Other Chinese Cities with direct flights to Guilin include Shenzhen, Huangshan, Zhuhai, Nanning, Chongqing, Ningbo, Chengdu, Tianjin, Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Beihai, Urumqi, Shantou, Xiamen, Haikou, Fuzhou, Zhengzhou, Kunming, Guiyang, Changsha, Dalian, Hefei, Wuhan and Jinan. Connections to all other major overseas destinations are easily available through Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

By Public-Transport

If you want to make a trip to a destination in downtown Guilin, using the extensive public-transportation system is the best choice. Bus Number 58 is free for tourists (anything that begins with “5” should be free), and it runs to many locl sights, including Xiangshan Hill and Seven-Star Park. Otherwise, most of the city’s public buses stop in front of Guilin’s long–distance bus and train stations. The ticket fee is CN ¥1.2 per person per ride. Also, bringing a detailed city map with you would be a good idea.

Bus Routes

Guilin Bus


No.1 bus: Nanxi Cinema--Cross-Road Circle--North Railway Station
No.2 bus: Guilin Railway Station-Nan Menqiao Bridge--The Elephant Trunk Hill--Fubo Hill--The Reed Flute Cave
No.3 bus: Guilin Railway Station--Cross-Road Circle--West Hill Park--Jiashan--The Reed Flute Cave
No.4 bus: Guilin Railway Station--South Stream Park--Wayao-Qifengzhen
No.5 bus: Guilin Railway Station--Wayao Cross-Road--Yanshanzhen--Yangshuo
No.6 bus: Guilin Railway Station--Cross-Road Circle--Jiefangqiao Bridge--Tire Factory
No.7 bus: Guilin Railway Station--Electric Meter Factory--Miaotou
No.8 bus: Nanmenqiao Bridge--Electric Meter Factory--Lingui County
No.9 bus: Guilin Railway Station--Wayao--Overseas Chinese Farm
No.10 bus: Guilin Railway Station--Cross-Road Circle--Jiefangqiao Bridge--Geology Institute--Laser Institute
No.11 bus: Seven-star Park--Cross-Road Circle--Guilin Railway Station--South Stream Park--Pingshan
No.12 bus: Wayao--Aviation Maintenance Center
No.13 bus: The Reed Flute Cave--Guan Yin Ge--Folded Brocade Hill--Fubo Hill--Seven-Star Park
No.14 bus: West Hill Park--Jiefangqiao Bridge--Sanlidian Circle--Wulidian
No.15 bus: Special Route to One-day city-tour
No.16 bus: Guilin Railway Station--Lijiang Bridge--Putuo Rd
No.17 bus: Putou Rd--Guilin Railway Station (along the Ring Road)

By Taxi

Taking a taxi is the most comfortable, easiest and most secure way of getting around. There are many taxis around Guilin, large and small. Simply wave your hand and a taxi will stop for you. Prices vary by county but are usually very cheap. The meter should always be activated. You can order a taxi from your hotel and ask the concierge to write down your destination on a card. Pay the driver upon arrival. Tipping is not the custom in China.

By bike

bike travelliing


If time isn't the most important factor, then bicycles are easily the best way to travel around Guilin and its surrounding areas. Cycling with your friends and wandering around the tranquil landscapes, can be a memorable experience.

How to rent a bicycle

The best way to get around Guilin is by bike. Bicycles can be rented by the day at hotels throughout Guilin and at many cafes and hostels in Yangshuo for a maximum of RMB15-20 in Guilin (a deposit of around RMB200 could be required) and RMB10 in Yangshuo.