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Huangshan Shopping

Editor's words----Yellow Mountain in Huangshan is known for its rich tourism resources, meanwhile the specialities here are also stamped with the characteristics of the mountain. Those seemingly ordinary local products can actually be the most impressive besides the spectacular scenery. Follow ShanghaiFocus to check out what you can expect when shopping in Huangshan.

What to buy in Huangshan
Huangshan Specialities
The local products of Huangshan enjoy great diversity, and the ones listed here fall into two catagories: food and drink, whose reputation can be attributed to the fondness that Chinese people have towards mountain delicacies. According to Chinese common belief, the mountain delicacies have best absorbed the essence of the nature, as a result ,they are particularly nutritious and tasty.
huangshan shoppingHuangshan is the place of origin former than 30 kinds of well-known teas. Keemun Black Tea, Huangshan Maofeng and Taiping Houkui Tea(Green Tea) are all ranked as the Top 10 renowned Teas of the Highest Grade in China. Four kinds of teas are chosen to treat distinguished guests in diplomatic occassions. Keemun Black Tea is known for the sweet fruity and rose aroma, and the dark-reddish tea liquor. Regarded as "up-scale black tea" in the international market, Keemun Black Tea is very popular in Britain. As a British tea-lover once commented, "In the aroma of Chinese tea, I can smell the sweetness of spring." Straight Keemun tastes the best, but also fantastic mixed with milk and sugar which is loved by English royal members.
Taiping Houkui Tea, the most luxurious tea in China, has won the title of "The King of Tea" in China International Tea Expo in 2004 while 50 gram of the tea was sold on the price of 10,000 USD in the auction. The tea trees of Houkui all grow in the cliffs, making the collecting work extremely hard. It is said that monkeys are trained to collect tea leaves, because only them can reach the most steep cliff to get the tenderest leaves. After the collection, all the tea leaves will go through a strict selection process after which only the ones of top quality can survive. The taste of Taiping Houkui resembles life----slightly bitter at first then turns to be fresh and sweet. The lingering fragrance brings you the lovely smell of nature.
Bamboo Shoots
huangshan shoppingBamboo shoots are perfect for cooking with meat, chicken and duck, because the fresh taste can clear up the grease and add a clean flavor to the dish. It is believed that the tasty bamboo shoots can boost appetite, help digestion and prevent cancers, meanwhile since they are low in calories and fat, they are perfect for people on a diet.
Dried Mushroom
Dried Mushrooms can be divided into three types: Oyster Mushroom, Thick Mushroom and Flora Mushroom while the wild ones are considered to be the best. According to Chinese herbalists, mushrooms can help clear away toxin in human�body and lower blood pressure, not to mention the fresh taste. Mushrooms can be cooked into different dishes, esp. salad and stew.
Edible Lichen
Talking about lichen, maybe you will think about some small plants with unattractive appearance growing in those dark and wet places. Well this kind of edible lichen is regraded as the Treasure of Yellow Mountain, and was once the imperial tribute. Often stewed with chicken and pork, edible lichen absorbs the richness of the meat while keeps its own natural freshness, leaving a lingering taste in your mouth.
Chinese Bracken
Original a kind of fern, growing peacefully in the mountain area and woods, Chinese Bracken is the most famous vegetable of Yellow Mountain. The tender leaves are collected, preserved or dried. The plant is also used medicinally, believed to be helpful in calming the nerves, reducing swelling and strengthening the function of stomach.
Huangshan Tribute Chrysanthemum
huangshan shoppingHuangshan Tribute Chrysanthemum, used as a precious Chinese medical herb, was an imperial tribute for centuries. It can be made into Chinese medicine, whose effects involve detoxication,clear vision, refreshment and nourishing liver etc. People drink chrysanthemum tea to heal cold and various sores.
Editor's Tips for Shopping in Huangshan
1.It is strongly recommended that you should google the specialities you are intersted in before traveling to Yellow Mountain, so when you shop here, you will be able to select the suitable items at reasonable prices.
2. Don't rely on the recommendation of your taxi or pedicab drivers, because usually they will take you to the stores where they can get commission. Of course the commodities here usually are outrageously over-priced.
3.It is always wise to shop around to get a good buy. The specialities here are various and any slight difference may lead to the discrepency in qualities and prices. Since not many of us are experts in the field, shopping in reputable stores will be a good choice to avoid wasting money.
Where to buy in Huangshan:
Huangshan Tea World
It is the biggest and most advanced tea distribution center in Huangshan area, where you can find not only trade area but also Chinese Tea Culture Exhibition Hall and Tea Museum. After six years' operation, it has become the market leader in the city, attracting businesspeople from Shanghai, Jiangsu and many other regions.
Address: No.35 Hehua West Road, Tunxi District ,Huangshan