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Lu Straight Watery Tools Museum

Lu Straight Watery Tools MuseumThe development of Chinese farm tools, from the primitive tools, were to cooperate, copper and iron phyllostachys heteroclada f. solida order to small industrial production tools and experienced a long historical period.

Lies in the southeast coast of the Yangtze river delta, wu (whole WuFangYan area) is China's earliest use of tools, one of the areas for famous the land of fish and rice. Agriculture to grow rice is given priority to, have since ancient times "SuHu ripe, the foot" laudatory name. From zhejiang province yuyao hemudu cultural relics unearthed the remains of rice and stone, GuQi tools to see, fully confirmed wu early in more than 7000 years ago, has entered into the Si no-till agriculture stage. With this tree felling monarch, using stone adz are ancient farming digging, with ShiLian reap the corn, the primitive agriculture from fishing and hunting era transform for farming era, is a qualitative leap.

Suzhou bristly mountain etc. Ground, successively found 50,000 years ago horse jia bang - songze country - the cultural relics of good, dig out the large with wooden ShiLian, have the flint knives and shoulder perforations of the spade and plough shape device, Yun TianQi.

The culture of the late to good, along with the invention of the smelting technology, produced from farming, landuse and intertillage management, the harvest and so on a series of bronze tools, tools reform since then has turned a new page, greatly promote the development of productive forces and social progress.

After six dynasties, wu tools and has made great progress, and constantly from the extensive toward fine, and has produced a farm tools in China's earliest monograph, namely famous poet in tang dynasty -- (Lu straight LiuGuiMeng writing ") LeiSi the sutra. It details JiangDongLi was recorded, have been used for many years, the height of the tang dynasty tools marks achievements.

A farm tools, is a history of agricultural development and a social history. Wu tools, is brilliant stretches keep concerning a valuable wealth!

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