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No more than half-hour driving from Suzhou lies the beautiful water town Luzhi. Covering only one square kilometer, Luzhi is listed by the government as one of the top 10 ancient towns in China. With history of over 1400 years, Luzhi enjoys fame as Museum of Chinese Ancient Bridges. Now in this tiny town, there are 41 ancient bridges and altogether 72 bridges in its heyday.  Different in design and structure, most of these bridges were built around 800 years ago.  Also some inconspicuous buildings maybe have existed for centuries.  Luzhi people cherish these heritages left by their ancestors and avoid commercializing this town while developing tourism business.  A maidenhair tree in Baosheng Temple has been 1300 years old, with a height of 50 meters.
Another attraction to tourists is the women in Luzhi. Local women wear their traditional clothes in daily life, which is not common in other water towns. The costume is characterized by piecing cotton clothing of different color. And also they comb hair coils and wear kerchiefs mainly in blue and peach red. Their shoes are exquisitely hand-made with embroidery.  Women wearing folk costume, sitting in front of traditional residences or ancient maidenhair trees, are the unique scene in Luzhi. With tranquil and pristine beauty, ancient Luzhi never fails to impress every visitor there.
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Travel Tips Travel in Luzhi:
In Luzhi, enjoy the perfect harmony of water and bridge. As a museum of ancient Bridges, the bridge density, far more than Italian shuicheng - Venice. Located at the center of 6 lakes, the Luzhi boasts abundant water resources, ancient ginkgo is one of the ancient symbol this town. Here the rural women's traditional clothes are also a unique scenery.
Transportation in Luzhi:
During weekends and holidays, Shanghai Yangpu Sports Center, Hongkou Football Stadium and Shanghai Stadium all have touring routine buses to Lu Zhi, returning back in the afternoon. Suzhou Railway Station Square also has air-conditioned touring bus directly to Luzhi, as well the Wuzhong bus station, 6:20-17:20, every 40 minutes.
What to eat:
There are two famous dishes in Luzhi named after their creator: Puli Duck and Puli Pig's Feet. The salted turnip which is cooked according to recipe of Qing dynasty is also popular.