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luzhi Travel Guide

Basic Facts of Luzhi

Luzhi Location: in Kunshan, Jiangsu, about 25 kilometers away from Suzhou
Luzhi Area: 4 square kilometers
Luzhi, one of the famous ancient water towns in Southeast China, locates in Kunshan, Jiangsu, about 25 kilometers away from Suzhou. As the top water town in China, Luzhi is well-protected, renowned for its culture, attractions, bridges,streets, folk houses and ginkgoes which are older than 1,300 years. Enjoying superior location, Luzhi is an amazing destination for tourists and truly lives up to its reputation. The town is riss-crossed with the veins of rivers, featuring a great variety of bridges. Since Luzhi has a history of over 2,500 years, most of the bridges have stood there for centuries.
What to see in Luzhi
There are 41 bridges in the small town, among which the oldest one was built 1,000 years ago in Song Dynasty, and tourists are often astonished by their diversity and quaint designs. Many people comment that touring around Luzhi resembles visiting a huge ancient bridge museum. The density of bridges in Luzhi is much larger than that in Venice. Different from some tourist sites, traditional life styles in Luzhi are well kept, and you can see the locals doing their daily routines without contriving to fob the sightseers. Though Luzhi has been a hot spot for years, the locals still live their own undisturbed life as always. What's worth mentioning is the distinctive traditional costumes worn by Luzhi women, featuring headscarf, spliced blouse and embroidered shoes. Luzhi women value their traditions very much, that's why even till today they still maintain the dressing style.
Besides beautiful scenery, Luzhi is also full of mouth-watering delicacies. Thanks to abundant waters, tourists can taste all kinds of aquatic products, which includes not only fish but also lotus roots and water chestnuts with the typical taste of water town: light, fresh and tender.
Recommended Delicacies: Eight-angled Water Chestnuts, Puli Duck and Freshwater Clam
Recommended Attractions:
Built in the year of 503, Baosheng Temple is a National Cultural Relic Protection Unit. After weathering changes for centuries, the temple remains elegant and dignified. The painted statues of Arhats in the Baosheng Temple are hailed by many experts as the outstanding representative of ancient Chinese arts.
Luzhi is a place with pristine scenery where you can find peace and harmony. This is a perfect spot for holidays. Just picture yourself sitting casually in a home teahouse of Luzhi, with clear river flowing under your feet, observing the locals living in a harmony with the water. Don't hesitate and start your Chinese water-town tour now!