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Nanjing is a city with bitter-sweet history. Once the capital of more than 6 dynasties in the past centuries, though wartorn, the city is pervaded by the strong atmosphere of history and culture, melancholy but charming. Different from those bustling Western-styled clubs and pubs in Shanghai, even the bar streets in Nanjing are touched with the elegant nature of the city. There are quite a few teahouses where you can learn the most native style of passtime enjoyed by the locals. Do remember that tea culture is an indispensible part of Chinese culture. While Nanjing Museum is quite an awesome place to go when you travel in Nanjing.

nanjing entertainmentNight Owls in Action
Bars and Pubs
If you happen to be a night owl, then the famous 1912 Bar District will jump right to the top of your list. The combination of historical buildings and Western bars is surprisingly harmonious, endowing the place with strong nostalgic atmosphere.
Within the reach of the Fomer Presidential Palace of Dr. Sun Yat-sen ,1912 is not only a place for fun but also a hot tourist spot. When the night falls, walking around the area can give you the illusion of turning back time to the early 20th century, the prime of Nanjing. The Republic of China was founded in the year of 1912, so the district was named after that in memory of the era.
The old buildings take on a simple and quaint look of elegance in the sparkling neon light. Almost every bar here has its own style, breaking down the stereotype of bars that many people may have in their mind.
Recommended Bars:
Mazzo Night Club
As the most popular ever night club, Mazzo distinguishes itself from other regular bars by the musical taste and the sense of fashion that they promoted.
Redish purple light, simple and elegant decoration in Chinese style, the thin and transparent silk and traditional Chinese furniture manifest the uniqueness of the bar. Mazzo is from the French word "Marceau" which means night club.
nanjing entertainmentRosenberg is situated in No.14 building of 1912, close to the Fomer Presidential Palace of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. It is known as a quiet bar, featuring native fresh German home brew and roasted sausage. Stepping into Rosenberg, you may wonder if you are entering some lovely German country inn.
The raw materials for brewing all come from Bavaria, the renowned "home of beer". The rich-taste of the beer lingers in your mouth, and nobody could resist the temptation of taking another gulp. Various delicate glasses along with other German-styled ornaments gives out exotic charm, and offers a refreshing experience.
Sinking in a cozy couch, sipping at a mug of genuine German beer, listening to music or simply doing nothing, you will be utterly relaxed and all the worldly trivia that bugs you drifts away, totally out of your mind. This is the very place that may remind you that life is not just about labor but also taste.
Buses Available:
Y1, Y2, 29, 44, 65, 95, 304, 2, 31, 52, 68, 80, 95.
"Do as the Romans do"
Finding Your Cup of Tea
Putting some newly-made tea leaves in teapot then steeping with boiling water, after a while you will easily catch the pleasant aroma of the tea----warm, cozy and mellow. Gazing at the steam curling up, with chit-chatters of the locals in your ears, you can get to know the real Nanjing by spending some time in traditional teahouses. Tea-making Rituals , Nanjing local opera and Chinese crosstalks are performed in many teahouses, from which vivid Chinese history and culture can be traced. It would take a day to name all the teahouses in Nanjing. Here are the teahouses recommended by ShanghaiFocus.
Zhanyuan Garden Art Teahouse
Zhanyuan Garden, once a private garden which belonged to the head leader of Taiping Rebellion, is now a museum and also hot tourist spot. Its teahouse is regarded as one of the most graceful teahouses in Nanjing, renowned for the delicate decoration and considerate service.
Address: No.128 Zhanyuan Road, Qinhuai District Nanjing.
nanjing entertainmentKuiguangge Teahouse (魁光阁 the brightness of talent)
Kui in Chinese means "top, elite", so the name of the teahouse actually indicates the wish of letting every intellectual bathe in the brightness of wisdom. The teahouse, in Conficius Temple, stands on the side of Qinhuai River for hundreds of years, weathering countless damages and changes. As the symbol of Qinhuai scenery, Kuiguangge remains popular through these years. Sitting in the teahouse, watching the river flowing under your feet, you will realize that history, though gone, is not so far away from us.
Address: Conficius Temple Square, Qinhuai District, Nanjing
nanjing entertainmentNanjing Museum
As one of the first-established museums, Nanjing Museum enjoys great reputation and is considered to be a must-go tourist spot.
Built a century ago, the main building of the museum is imposing and magnificent, reputed as a masterpiece in the history of modern architecture.
The collection of more than 410,000 historic relics and artworks , including 10 national treasures, 1000 Grade One cultural relics of the state, are absolutely stunning.
Nanjing Museum,like other outstanding museums in the world, is the capsule of time, presenting us with the splendid accomplishment achived by our ancestors, reminding us of who we are, where we come from, and also inspiring us to create an even brighter future.
Address: No.321 Zhongshan East Road, Nanjing
How to get there: take bus No. Y1,Y2,Y5,5,9,29,36,51,55,59,115,163 to the stop of Zhongshanmen.
Opening time:09:00-16:30 (from Monday to Sunday)
Admission Fee: free,entering against valid credentials