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Nanxi Hot Spring

Nanxi Hot Spring lies in the outer district of Ninghai, Nanxi Village of Shentianchuan Township, 76 km to the downtown of Ninghai County. Surrounded by renowned Tiantai Mountain and Siming Mountain, it is one of the ten best scenic spots in Ningbo. Nanxi Hot-spring and Forest Park is composed with five major parts. The central part is the Sleeping Dragon Valley, where the hot spring is located. The others are Immortals' Valley in the north west, the Qianzhangya Scenic Spot in the south west and Brocade Valley in the south east. The whole scenic area includes three ponds, nine water falls, eighteen streams and seventy-two peaks.
As one of the three famous hot springs in China and the most well-known hot-spring resort in Zhejiang province, the park is featured by its peaceful mountains, clear waters and dense forests. According to mensuration figures, the geothermal water of Nanxi area is not only plentiful with moderate temperature, but also clean, transparent and of high quality, containing several trace elements. Thus the hot spring has remarkable curative effects for diseases, such as skin diseases, arthritis and cardiovascular diseases as well as diseases regarding the nerves and digestion. After taking a bath in the hot spring, people will have their skin moisturized and feel refreshed.
Nanxi Hot Spring Resort has green mountain and clear water with luxuriant woods and rippling stream throughout the year. During summer time, the temperature here is 3-5℃ lower than that of Hangzhou city and Ningbo city which makes it an ideal destination for cool leisure in summer vacation. Tourists may take a coach at the Ningbo South Coach Station to Ninghai, get off in Meilin and take a medium-sized bus there to the Nanxi Forestry Center.


Ticket Price: ¥168
Tel: 0574-87289666
Fax: 0574-65268888
Location: Shenzhen Town of Ninghai County
Bus Line: Minibuses from South Bus Station to Ninghai County, then to Shenzhen Town


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