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Besides scenic view of rivers, bridges and ancient residences, Nanxun has more legendary history than other water towns in China. With around 800 years’ history and only a total area of 68 hectares, it was ever the most prosperous town in modern China. Economical resplendence nourished numerous cultural heritages. Chinese people have the tradition of building gardens as their house courtyards if they are wealthy enough. In a small town like Nanxun, there were ever 27 gardens.

Nanxun people also did the same thing after they made great fortune from silk business. Nowadays there are still 5 of them existing.  The mostly visited one is Little Lotus Garden, congregating holicultural skills.  Besides physical comfort, Nanxun people kept their spiritual pursue.

The book collection house, Jiaye Tang, is a persuasive proof. It is the largest private book collection house in modern China, storing tens of thousands of antique wooden/carved publications, books or manuscripts during its heyday.  Come to Nanxun, and find more than a township with waterways.

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Nanxun Travel Tips
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Travel Tips Travel in Nanxun:
In Nanxun, you just need tour along one straight route, from the south to north, all the highlights would be covered. The houses of Chinese ancient style are the most attractive ones that you could not miss.
Transportation in Nanxun: 
Tricycle is the most convenient means of transportation in the water town: RMB3 per km;
There is only a small number of taxis in Nanxun, RMB5 within 5km, after RMB2 per km.
Specialty in Nanxun:
As one of the "scholar's four jewels", Hu brush (writing brush) was born in Nanxun. In the town, there are two shopping street—Taian Road and Tongxin Road, where you could buy fresh fruit, such as loquat, cherry, bayberry, etc. Also in the dry goods store, there are delicious country food, such as dried bamboo shoots, fermented dry vegetable and ham.