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Guangji Bridge

The Bridge spans over the lower reach of Fenghua River that goes through the county. It is the only pathway left in Southeast China by way of the royal road. Before the epoch of Song Dynasty, ferry was being called as "bridge", and it was the main sea transport station on the East China coast. First built in a wooden style in 961, it was named Guangji Bridge...Details

Xikou Drift Scenic Area

Xikou Drift Scenic Area is 3 kilometers to the west of Xikou Town adjacent to the five-star Silver Phoenix Resort Village. At the golden waterway of Shanxi Brook, Xikou Drift serves a 60-minute journey for the whole distance of 4.5 kilometers, and visitors should go ashore at Wuling Park...Details

Five-dragon Pond Scenic Spot

Five-dragon Pond Scenic Spot is located in Longguan Village in Ningbo City, 35 kilometers away from downtown. It has an area of 16.17 square kilometers...Details

Taohua (Peach Blossom) Island

Taohua (Peach Blossom) Island is one of the islands in Zhoushan Archipelago located to the south of Shenjiamen Fishing Harbor (沈家门渔港), with an area of 43 square kilometers. It has the highest peak in the archipelago named Duizhishan Mountain (对峙山). The mountain stretches out in all directions, forms waves of peaks and bears a magnificent view of sea and mountains...Details

The Old Bund

The Old Bund was developed into an external trading port in 1844 and it began as the most prosperous port since Tang and Song Dynasties, 20 years older than the Shanghai Bund. It is one of the several existing century-old bunds in China. The Ningbo Old Bund, by the means of the well-preserved historic architecture and blocks, infused with new city culture, perfectly combines the long history with the ever changing innovation...Details

Hemudu Culture Relics

Hemudu Culture Relics, named after a nearby village of Yuyao City, is located 25 kilometers west of Ningbo. Surrounded by Siming Mountain on the south, Yuyao Plain on the north and Menqian Mountain on the east, it was formerly named Huangmudu that dates back to the Neolithic Age...Details

Tengtou Village

Tengtou Village is well known as an ecotourism attraction. It is 27 kilometers away from Ningbo and 12 kilometers from Xikou featuring the virescence projects of eco-agriculture, stereoscopic agriculture and fresh water and blue sky. It has been a distinctive ecotourism area and earned reputations at home and abroad...Details

Putuo Mountain

Putuo Mountain, one of the Four Holy Buddhist Mountains(the other three are Wutai Mountain in Shanxi Province, Emei Mountain in Sichuan Province and Jiuhua Mountain in Anhui Province), is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province and covers an area of 12.5 square kilometers.Details

Baoguo Temple

Baoguo Temple is a thousand-year-old renowned temple and one of the first cultural relic sites designated to be specially preserved in China.Details

Town Gods Temple of Ningbo

The Town God's Temple of Ningbo, also called the Town God's Temple of Ningbo Prefecture, is situated downtown of Ningbo, near the Tienfeng Pagoda.Details