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Ningbo Food, also known as Yongbang Cuisine, because "Ningbo" is called "Yong" for short. It is noted for its softness and original tastes and flavors. Ningbo is near the sea , seafood, particularly fish, is a popular dish. So it is famous for boiling the seafood. Many of the famous dishes of Ningbo involve seafood, cooked by the technique of steaming, braising and frying.


The ten famous dishes of Ningbo include:
●Steamed Turtle in Crystal Sugar Soup (bingtao jiayu),
●Dry Fried River Eel (guoshao heman)
●Bean Curd Skin Roll with Yellow Croaker (fupi bao huangyu)
●Fried Lichen Cubes (taicai xiao fangkao)
●Fired Rooster (huiyi jinji)
●Steamed Pork Wrapped in Lotus Leaf (heye fenzhenrou)
●Braised Yellow Croaker (cailiu quan huangyu)
●Goose Liver with Lard (wangyou egan)
●Yellow Croaker Fish Maw (huangyu yudu)
●Yellow Croaker with Preserved Vegetables
ningbo foodSteamed Turtle in Crystal Sugar Soup may be the No.1 dish among the famous ten dishes of Ningbo. It has two kinds of flavors to choose , sweet and salty ,both of which tastes soft and tender. Its bright golden color can easily arouses the customer’s appetite. Besides the tasty flavor, this dish is also invigorating since it is rich in protein, iodine and vitamin B.Yellow Croaker with Preserved Vegetables is made with a large yellow croaker from Zhoushan Fishery and Ningbo’s famous potherb mustard. It is tender, crisp and delicious with a special fragrance.
Bean Curd Skin Roll with Yellow Croaker is also very popular among the Ning bo locals. The beancurd roll is cut into small pieces and deep-fried. The skin is crisp while the fish inside is fresh and tender. Add some vinegar sauce and enjoy the pleasant taste.In addition to these famous dishes, the city of Ningbo also has many tasty snacks, such as Ningbo lard dumpling, Xikou multi-layered cake and so on.
ningbo foodNingbo lard dumpling
It tops the snacks of the Yangtze River Delta. It has clean soup with a delicious taste. You can enjoy the snack in "Gangyagou Sweetmeet Store" on the Kaiming street of Ningbo.
ningbo foodXikou multi-layered cake
It is square with 27 clear-cut layers inside. It is golden and green. It is fragrant and crisp, salty amid sweetness, and fresh with a unique flavor. It said to have a history of more than 100 years.