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Ningbo Tianjin Flights

ShanghaiFocus will give you access to the latest flight information and seat availability in Real Time. All the following prices for Ningbo Tianjin Flights are ticket face value,please inquire our tour advisor to get the lastest price and seat info,they will contact you within 12 hours.
Ningbo to Tianjin Flight Timetable & Fares
Airline Flight No. Plane Depart Arrival Ticket Face Value
TIANJIN AIRLINES GS6604 190 NGB 12:00 TSN 14:00 Economy class ¥1240
Okay Airways BK2836 738 NGB 17:25 TSN 19:30 Economy class ¥1240
Hainan Airlines HU6604 191 NGB 12:00 TSN 14:00 Economy class ¥1240
Tianjin to Ningbo Flight Timetable & Fares
Airline Flight No. Plane Depart Arrival Ticket Face Value
TIANJIN AIRLINES GS6603 191 TSN 09:20 NGB 11:20 Economy class ¥1240
Okay Airways BK2835 738 TSN 07:25 NGB 09:25 Economy class ¥1240
Hainan Airlines HU6603 191 TSN 09:20 NGB 11:20 Economy class ¥1240
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