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Qibao means seven treasures in Chinese. Local legend

said that there were seven treasures in the town, which are a pair of

 jade chopsticks, gold script lotus sutra, a thousand-year-old catalpa tree,

 a gold cockerel,  a jade axe, an iron Buddha and a bronze bell made in Ming Dynasty. But only the

scripture and the bell survived to today. But what most famed today in Qibao are its appetizing snacks. Strong along quaint streets, few tourists can resist the snacks.  Famous snacks here are:
Hebao DouFu Gan (dried bean curd wrapped in lotus leaves), Qi Bao Gao (polished glutinous rice in different flavors), Xun Lahaimo (smoked toads), Tanghulu (sugar coated haws on sticks), Kao Hongshu (roasted sweet potatoes), and other  various of snacks.  Taste yummy snacks and meanwhile please your eye with the water town views in Qibao.

Qibao Hot Sales

Shanghai One Day Getaway Tour A – Qibao & Grand View Garden

  • Destination:Shanghai→Qibao→Shanghai
  • Duration:1 Day
  • Type:Private
  • Attractions: Qibao Old Street   
  • Our Price
  • from US $85
  • Shanghai One Day Getaway Tour A – Qibao & Grand View Garden

Qibao Old Town Day Tour

  • Destination:Shanghai ->Qibao->Shanghai
  • Duration:1 Day
  • Type:Private
  • Attractions: Qibao Ancient Town   
  • Our Price
  • from US $70
  • Qibao Old Town Day Tour
Qibao Travel Tips
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Travel Tips

Suggested activities:
* watching crickets in some halls lined along the old streets;
* try authentic Shanghai cuisine in Tian Xiang Lou and Lao Fan Dian;
* watch local operas in Qiabao Theatre;
* check the harmonious combination of China folk arts with oversea arts in Miniature Carving Hall and Shu Han Hall;
* step into a local tavern, try local foods and enjoy the leisure time; get the moment away from city life's hustle;Several main China banks have branch offices in Tongli, such as China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and Agricultural Bank of China.