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June is in the rainy season so it may rain. If want a free and relex tour with enough time, you can stay two nights there. On the peak, about 120 for a bed and there are perhaps 8-10 beds in a room. 500-600RMB for a spacious view room perhaps. It depends. A tour guide is not really necessary. Get a map and you can hike your own. Although it is summer, bring a warm coat. If you want to see sunrise, need to get up very early and it is still very cool. In case of rainy weather, pay attention to the weather report.
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Defense, special teams can't evade share of blame in Buffalo: Terry Pluto's scribbles
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You never start at 4-12 and you never start at 10-6. All that stuff is in the past. You'd love to be able to start at 10-6 and move on from there. It just doesn't happen. The thing that I stressed to that group, and I'm stressing to this group, is how we do is based on the collective decisions we make each day, and the way that we work, and the way that we commit to wining this year. Next year's team, it'll be the same thing. It's such a specific to that season approach and I've learned that in the past. Bill Belichick is amazing at his ability to focus the team on the task at hand and it never matters what happened in the past, it never matters what's going to happen in the future. It doesn't matter what's going to happen the next day. It's what do we have to do right now to get better? Everybody zeros in on those things and you do it day in and day out.
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first-round candidates Rey Maualuga and Brian Cushing, and fast-rising Clay Matthews Jr. Mayock said all of them were exposed to 3-4 principles at USC by coach Pete Carroll. "When I look at Rey Maualuga, I see the prototype 3-4 inside linebacker," Mayock said. "He's a big guy that can deal with big bodies, come downhill and be explosive. He's got to play in a lot of traffic, and Maualuga can handle that. "Brian Cushing, to me, is the prototype 4-3 Sam (strongside outside linebacker). He can play over the tight end, can set the edge and also has the ability to drop into coverage. The added versatility of Cushing has a lot of teams thinking he can play the inside in the 3-4. "I think the Matthews kid is just really interesting. I like him a lot. He can make your team a variety of different ways. He played with his hand down at USC, then they stood him up. A former walk-on. "I think he can play outside in the 3-4. He might be most ideally suited for the Will (weakside outside linebacker) in a 4-3. But he's also USC's two-time special teams player of the year. So no matter what you take him for, this is a kid who's going to get on the field both in your base package and on special teams." The Browns were one of the few NFL teams at the Senior Bowl not represented by their head coach or general manager.
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No one is going to raise big objections to the possibilities presented by Joe Thomas, Shaun Rogers, D'Qwell Jackson, and maybe even Jamal Lewis, provided he doesn't lose the secret map to the fountain of youth. It's not as if he slowed down in the second half. The Browns seldom had the ball, and when they did, they were behind and were throwing. John Kuntz/The Plain DealerIn a first half in which the Browns were competitive if not exciting against the Vikings, it was Josh Cribbs who provided the only heartstopping moments with his punt return touchdown.
Posted by:pletchertcy  12.05.2012
He entered the game averaging 8.2 yards on a team-leading 53 catches.
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If it's skewed one way or the other, more offensive plays, more defensive plays, we may adjust based off that. You go in with a general plan and you adjust, like we've done the last two weeks. We've adjusted it both ways, based on rep count."(On how many of the 53 final roster spots are still open) - "I think quite a few are still open. I try to look at it from a, here's the 53-man roster, here's typically how many, by position, that you carry and then you have another category called miscellaneous. You may go heavier on receivers, carry an extra receiver than you would normally. You put up your blueprint for how many you carry, you may carry an extra running back, you may carry an extra DB. There's that core group of spots, fill those, then you look at the miscellaneous category and we're always going to be evaluating it throughout the entire process.
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Ryan said he's prepared hard for Harvin, the Florida rookie, who can run a version of the wildcat offense. "With Harvin, I'm not going to be 'Eddie Royal-ed' like I was last year the Broncos] -- have a guy catch 10 balls on us and then figure out who the heck he is at halftime," said Ryan. "I think we're going to be ready for him. We saw a little bit about what he can do. I'm pretty familiar with him." Ryan was referring to then-rookie receiver Royal catching nine passes for 146 yards in the Broncos' 41-14 victory over the Raiders in last season's opener. He said it's also been a challenge to prepare for the formidable play-action duo of Favre and Peterson. "That's tough," he said.
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UPDATED: 11:44 p.m.DENVER, Colo. Scribbles in my notebook after the Browns drop to 02 with a disappointing performance in Colorado: 1. After watching this game, my first scribble was, "I just didn't think it would be this bad." And this is a very big word when it comes to the 02 Browns. This is not heavy analysis. It was just a hope that the offense would be better, maybe scoring a touchdown in each game when it actually means something. This is a team that has allowed more sacks (9) than it has rushing first downs (6). It's an offense that has more turnovers (4) than it has complete passes for at least 20 yards (3). This is not much fun for Browns fans. 2. The Browns scoring only two field goals, having one first down rushing with 54 yards on the ground along with 3of14 third down conversions came against a defense that was ranked 29th last season. Granted, Denver's defense is improved, holding Cincinnati to seven points in the opener.

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It's kind of what you do each week, I think, that's the most important thing."
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