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Hot seatCould Eric Mangini's job status come down to him not going for it on fourth-and-1 Sunday?
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Stafford was pulled late in the second quarter following a 5-for-13 performance for 34 yards and the one interception. He was without starting receivers Calvin Johnson and Dennis Northcutt. The Lions rushed for a 2.8-yard average in the first half on 39 yards in 14 attempts. Their backups pushed the team total to 102 yards and a 3.5 average. Kevin Smith had 23 yards on seven carries. The Browns produced another turnover in the second half when cornerback Hank Poteat forced a fumble after a catch by Aveion Cason and Mike Adams recovered.
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Lisa DeJong/The Plain DealerIf new Browns GM George Kokinis was purposefully vague in assessing the skills of specific players, he didn't hold back his confidence in eventual success. "I'm here because I want to create a championship-caliber football organization," he said. "It can be done."Pluto: A positive impressionLivy: Plenty of mysteryMangini confident of successVideo: Tony Grossi and Mary Kay Cabot analyze the hireBob Kain leaving as adviser to Browns, LernerBEREA -- The courtship of George Kokinis as Browns general manager stretched over nearly a month, affording fans ample time to trace his rise from Bill Belichick gofer in Cleveland to pro personnel director under Ozzie Newsome with the Baltimore Ravens. The career path of Kokinis is dotted unmistakably in orange and brown. What was left to be learned was Kokinis' opinions of the team that he and new coach Eric Mangini inherited when owner Randy Lerner blew up the Phil Savage-Romeo Crennel regime. For instance, how far is the talent level below those of division powers Pittsburgh and Baltimore? What are his feelings about the quarterback dilemma? Which was the fluke season, 2007 or 2008? Things like that. Those questions, for the most part, were left unanswered during a news conference Monday as Kokinis chose his words carefully and spoke in generalities about joining Mangini in the latest Browns rebuilding project. "I'm here because I want to create a championship-caliber football organization," Kokinis said. "It can be done. It's a matter of rolling up the sleeves and getting after it, and that's what we're prepared to do."In response to one question, Kokinis said he would be in charge of selecting the 53-player roster -- as was Savage -- but he continually emphasized that he and Mangini, a longtime friend, would work in concert. "I think any great decision comes when you get all the information that you can," Kokinis said. "Once we get all the information and hear everybody's opinion about it, we're going to come to the best decision for the football team.
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Joshua Gunter, The Plain Dealer Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn trying to make a throw while the blocking pocket collapses around him.Cleveland Browns fans, face it. In most games this season, the national attention will most likely be on the Browns' opponent.If the Browns lose, what's new?Tonight, most of the talk regarding the Browns' 3420 loss to Minnesota is about Vikings' star running back Adrian Peterson and that irritating and ageless quarterback, Brett Favre.That's probably best for the Browns' sake. But James Walker of ESPN has to address the Browns, because covering the AFC North is his job. Walker writes:If we learned anything in the debut of Cleveland coach Eric Mangini, it's that the Browns simply don't have the horses to run in this 2009 race.The Browns did some nice things early.
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in any free agents we could sign to help us get a much desired and needed pass rush? -- Art Caudill, Bellefontaine, Ohio Hey, Art: My hunch is Mangini will keep the defense vanilla in preseason to preserve the secrets of his scheme. I would hold off making judgment on that side of the ball until the real season. Obviously the performance in Green Bay was abysmal. Hey, Tony: I asked this question a few months ago and you told me that I should ask again in August, so again which undrafted rookie do you think has the best chance to make the team? I know that it was just one pre-season game but I think Marcus] Benard looked really good. -- Tony, Richmond Heights Hey, Tony: When Mangini was asked that very question this week, he hedged and said maybe the undrafted rookie who makes the team isn't even on the team yet. In other words, it could be a player signed after league roster cuts. Hey, Tony: Isn't it nice and refreshing to see a Browns coach show emotion and actual glints of anger and offer no excuses when his team plays like garbage?
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I think the body of our work we did in the preseason, the last few games, it's not perfect, but we know how to stop the run." (On if any players surprised him in training camp)- "Not really because in the OTAs, and I know there's no pads on, you kind of get a feeling of what guys can do. Robaire Smith would be the guy that, wow, it's great that he came off the injury as strong as he did. I think we know our players pretty well from the OTAs until now. I'm really looking forward to them for Sunday." (On how he balances being aggressive with trying to keep the other team out of the end zone)- "We're going to do that. We're going to try to keep them out of the end zone number one.
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If Mangini begins to turn this mess around, players will come assuming ownership is willing to pay, something Randy Lerner has done in the past. 5. The internal debate is how much to use Joshua Cribbs on special teams coverage units. He has been their best player on those teams in the past. But as a starting receiver and star return man, the Browns do want to get Cribbs some rest. Yet, they were scorched for a 36yard punt return and a 41yard kickoff return. More of that and Cribbs will have to be in coverage. About the traded Indians 1. Most fans know Cliff Lee (72, 2.67 ERA) has been spectacular for Phillies. Ben Francisco has been mostly a spot player, but his average is up to .246 with four home runs in 61 atbats. The Indians added Lou Marson, Jason Knapp, Jason Donald and Carlos Carrasco in that deal. Marson and Carrasco are with the Tribe, Knapp and Donald are injured. 2. Ryan Garko has had trouble with the Giants, batting .232 with two homers and 12 RBI in 95 atbats.

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With dash and flash, Cleveland Browns rookie James Davis wows fans with 81-yard TD run
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A man is not old as long as he is seeking something.A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.

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You never know your luck.

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Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.Teach a man to fish, and you get rid of him on the weekends.

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Learning is like rowing upstream; not to advance is to dropback.

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The best hearts are always the bravest.

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Nature never deceives us; it is always us who deceive ourselves.

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The history of mankind is the history of ideas.

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Wealth is the test of a man's character.

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All for one, one for all.

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There is but one step from the sublime to the ridiculous.

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