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Holmgren lets him go and steps in? Or Holmgren lets him go and brings in a new coach of his choosing?
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We hang out a lot. We ask each other questions and we just try to guide each other the best we can to try to make the learning curve a little bit better for the both of us." Mangini evades questions about which receiver is ahead, even declining to state what he feels is their respective styles. "They're still thinking," he said of the rookies. "We have to get to that point of running and reacting, not just thinking. I think that will play itself out." The good news for Robiskie is the wall is behind him. He looks more confident on the field than at any point of camp. "Everybody goes through it," he said. "We have a lot of veterans in our receivers room are helping the young guys, not just on the field but off the field as well. Guys talk about taking care of your body and getting right for the next practice. From a rookie standpoint, I just tried to learn as much as I can from them. "Every day is still a learning process. With two-a-days behind us, it shifts now. The focus on getting up and hitting the two-a-days and taking care of your body ending]. Now it's just preparing for the season." Spoken like the son of a coach.
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7. Owner Randy Lerner could help himself in the eyes of the fans by standing in front of everyone at the news conference and giving clear reasons why he has hired Mangini and Kokinis. Lerner did do more homework than most fans realize, and he did have a plan beginning with finding an experience coach with some degree of success. But he needs to explain that to his customers. The Mangini news conference lacked a voice of anyone from the team stating why the former Jets coach was hired. 8. Kokinis is not Pete Garcia, the player personnel man to Butch Davis who had no real pro experience. Kokinis is a career NFL guy who has scouted college players and the pros for years. He helped Newsome put together some very good teams in Baltimore. Teams such as Kansas City and Atlanta have been interested in interviewing him in the past few years. You never know what a guy can do until he is finally the head coach or GM, but Kokinis has solid credentials.
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Walking out in the Metrodome for the first time and being on the opposite sideline and being cheered as opposed to other things. It felt different. But I felt really comfortable today. I felt like I'm gaining the respect of the guys on this team. I felt like over time I did that last year and you know that by the way everyone of those guys I played with last year came up to me after the game or during the game and you can just tell. I feel the same way about those guys. Eric will do a fine job here and (Browns offensive coordinator) Brian Daboll, another guy that I just think the world of. I shouldn't say it felt weird looking across. If you play long enough that happens. Guys come and go, coaches come and go. I've come and gone."
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Talk Browns, Cavaliers and Indians all day on Digital Sports Network
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