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   How much (renmingbi) does it cost to hire a sedan up the Huangshan (per sedan)?? thank you.

Posted by: mr.ferry    03.28.2011
I heard that cable cars only bring you to half of the mountain only, what about the rest of the journey up? By sedan only right? (becos my mum couldn't climb up)...
Posted by: Benjamin   04.22.2011Best Answer
I was at Huangshan about 2 months ago. Huangshan is not a single mountain peak - it is a series of peaks all connected together. This top bit of connected peaks is what everybody comes to see.

You can get to the top bit by walking, if you're reasonably fit and energetic, but there are also cable-cars that take you up to the scenic area.

Once you've reached the top by cable car or walking, you can spend the rest of the day walking up and down the various peaks. The walking *at* the top isn't so hard compared to the walk up *to* the top, so if you get a cable car up to the top you've avoided the hardest part of the trip. Once you're at the top, you can just walk slowly and enjoy the scenery.

If even the top bit is too much work, then, yes, there are sedans. I didn't use one, but the back of each sedan is marked with "official prices". Honestly, I can't remember the exact price... but it looked like you'd expect to pay around 200RMB per kilometer - maybe a couple of hundred RMB for an overview of the scenic area, up to maybe 1000RMB for the whole area.

Personally, I didn't think it looked very safe or very fun bouncing around on a chair on the top of Huangshan.

If you took the Jade-screen-peak cable car, then the best part of Huangshan is just at the top there. If it was too much, you can easily turn back and have seen the best part... but if things are going good, you can walk to the cloud-valley cable car (about 5km away) and get the other cable car down.
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first, as a Chinese, I strongly suggest you take the cable car,not only because the safety issue but also the cost will be much cheaper than take a sedan,and it has the same great views!

Secondly, if you r a foreigner,it's impossible to pay as same as we do, I'd rather save the cash get some souvenirs.

Have a nice trip!
Posted by:Luo  04.21.2011